Here We Go! a new blog

Hello there,

I am quite new to this blogging thing (though I did try it for 4 months with success on Runner’s World… this one is all my own!)

To introduce myself, I’m:

  • an expectant mother–January 2011
  • a former Army officer
  • a grad student taking online classes
  • a runner
  • a traveler
  • a lover of kitties
  • an amateur writer & photographer (hence, the blog)
  • and I live overseas with my husband for now–but we’re working on getting back to the good ol’ USA

25 week prego momma

I plan to blog about the topics above, life in general, recommend places to travel and products to use, and come January, I will be sharing my stories of becoming a momma!  I know I’m not the only American living overseas, without the physical closeness of family and friends, so this blog is also to reach out to others in the same position, who might be feeling a bit lost and alone.  You aren’t!  Feel free to share your comments on my (hopefully) daily posts 🙂

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