How are you feeling?

“How are you feeling?” 

This seemingly innocent question has been asked many times since my announcement in August that I’m pregnant.  And I love it.  It asks so much more than a simple “How are you?” because “How are you feeling?” requires a feeling for an answer.  It implies the person who’s asking really cares about your response.  If this doesn’t make sense, try it.  Ask anyone, doesn’t have to be a prego friend, how they are feeling, and you’re guarenteed to get more of a response than “good,” “fine,” or “OK.”  At least that’s what my counseling teacher from college said… 😛

But that’s the topic for today.  Really, how are you feeling?  If you aren’t pregnant and never have been, you may wonder, what’s it like to have a person growing inside you?  I always wondered that before seeing the “+” sign on the home pregnancy test.  Pregnancy has, oh, about 47 symptoms (or complaints), according to “The Mother of All Pregnancy Books.”  Ouch.

I feel that I’ve had a fairly easy pregnancy thus far (*knock on wood*).  Considering that I didn’t even realize I was pregnant for 3 months–I know, please don’t laugh–I am pleased with the way my body has adapted to providing for another life.

Here are the ‘fun’ parts of pregnancy that I’ve experienced [warning to never-been-prego-before ladies, and male visitors: this is an honest, comprehensive list.  Read: it isn’t all rainbows & butterflies]:

Backache.  Bleeding or spotting.  Braxton Hicks contractions.  Breast enlargement.  Breast tenderness.  Constipation.  Cramping.  Cravings.  Eye dryness.  Fatigue.  Food aversions.  Gas & bloating.  Insomnia.  Itchiness.  Linea nigra (just appeared this week! bummer).  Round ligament pain.  Heightened sense of smell.  Thirstiness.  Increased frequency of urination.  Increased vaginal discharge.  Weepiness. 

*Whew!*  And I thought I had gotten off easy… after reading my list, I have experienced 21 of the 47.  But it isn’t as though they all come at once.  Today, for example, I feel awesome and have none of those bothers.  Last night, however, I had some backache, cramping, eye dryness, and itchiness going on before bed (my belly gets very itchy, even with lots of cocoa butter–anyone else have belly itchies?)  For the first trimester, my only complaints were food aversion, heightened sense of smell, fatigue, and weepiness… so, my conclusion was that stress from work was ultimately responsible.  I had no tell-tale morning sickness or bleeding gums.  Once I started feeling like I had to pee all the time, and my belly wasn’t its normal flatness, then I knew: Oh Lord, I’m pregnant.  I believe my exact words were, after seeing the “+”, That shit was positive!  Luckily my husband was excited, so it didn’t take me long to get excited too.

And the rest is all happiness 🙂  I’ve always wanted to be a momma, so with this baby boy, my dream is coming true.  And that’s the emotional aspect to “How are you feeling?”  Sure, I am anxious about it–how will I do as a mom?  And I worry–what if my son has some sort of complication?  And I also think–how will I raise a baby in this crazy world we live in right now?  But all of these take backseat to my true emotion on my pregnancy: Happiness.  It may not have been planned, but this is what I’ve wanted all along.

How do/did you feel about your pregnancy, physically and emotionally?

Our little bug at 25 weeks

P.S. In the interest of full disclosure, I will list all 47 symptoms…

Abdominal muscle separation
Belly button soreness
Bleeding gums
Braxton Hicks contractions
Breast enlargement
Breast tenderness
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cramping (abdominal)
Edema (fluid retention)
Eye changes (dryness and vision changes)
Faintness & dizziness
Food aversions
Gas & bloating
Hip soreness
Leg cramps
Linea nigra
Mask of pregnancy
Morning sickness
Perineal aching
Pubic bone pain
Round ligament pain
Skin changes
Smell, heightened sense of
Stretch marks
Sweating, increased
Urinary incontinence
Urination, increased frequency of
Vaginal discharge
Varicose veins
Yeast infections
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One Response to How are you feeling?

  1. Randa says:

    One thing I learned when i was pregnant is that it’s a totally different story from one day to the next. Some days my hormones would be kicking & I’d feel like I was floating and the next day I’d be a total grouch. One day my feet would be swollen up and the next day they’d be fine. It’s an unpredictable adventure.
    Sometimes when I see my reflection I still see a pregnant Randa for a second and I almost miss it, so eat it up while you can! The reward at the end is unlike anything you’ll ever experience, it’s so amazing!

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