Little Kicker

We all need a proverbial “kick in the butt” sometimes.  For instance, right now I’m struggling to complete my homework for the week.  Wish someone would give me a pep talk and tell me to GET ‘ER DONE but alas, husband is sleeping, cats are sleeping (and they aren’t so good at pep talks) so I’m delaying the homework by writing this post.

My sweet little baby has been not-so-sweet lately.  How’s that?  He may only be 28 weeks old, but this guy can pack a punch.  Or a kick.  Several of them in the past week have almost taken my breath away!  Sometimes he stretches out and just puts pressure somewhere, like right by my bellybutton, with his hand or foot.  While it’s uncomfortable, I love it: I know he is alive and well in there, moving, growing, being active.  As I lie in bed every night, that’s when I feel him moving the most.  I read that when he kicks, I should press back where he kicked, and we’ll play a ‘game’ that way.  So a few weeks back, he kicked, I pressed back.  He kicked again, I pressed back again.  We went back and forth about 5 times.  It was quite amusing to me, so much so that I actually laughed out loud 🙂

But the more serious kicks my little one has given me came in the form of lifestyle changes.  I was unaware I was pregnant for the first 3 months (more to follow on that in a later post), so when I found out, my mission became Healthy Baby.  No more was I looking out for #1 (me)–baby became #1.  These kick-in-the-butt changes included:

  • Food choices.  I can’t be feeding my baby garbage!  I’ve always eaten pretty healthy stuff, but knowing that my baby will be  made up of whatever I put in my body, I began to eat more fruits and veggies, and cut back on things that are high in fat, low in nutrients, like chips and pastries (OK, I haven’t been able to completely cut out pastries, my sweet tooth is just too strong).  Since the baby can taste what I eat thru the amniotic fluid, I try to provide him with a variety of delicious and nutritious flavors.  Last night I introduced him to guacamole, mmm!
  • Drink choices.  No more alcohol.  Lots more water.  I have a cup of OJ at breakfast, and try to drink 3 cups of milk throughout the day.
  • Fitness.  I basically stopped running when I found out I was pregnant.  I get too hot, and my heart rate is high when running, two things that are dangerous to the baby.  Now I swim, do prego aerobics, prego yoga, walk, and lift lighter weights than before.  On days when I feel lazy, I remind myself how important exercise is.  See my previous post Workin’ on my fitnessfor more.
  • Mind cleansing.  The other three changes are all physical, but mental health is just as important.  I recently read that unborn babies can feel the mother’s mood because of hormones.  So, stressed mothers will likely have stressed babies.  Yikes.  Since the first 3 months of my pregnancy were filled with work, stress, homework, more stress, and marathon training, I decided to make the next 6 as fun, happy, and stress-free as possible.  I previously enjoyed being busy and on-the-go, but found that I am more stressed as a result of that.  I take breaks more often now, for things like watching TV and reading, and reaching out to family and friends.  I will not allow myself to dwell on negative emotions.  This kick-in-the-butt has been the most awakening: I get to pamper myself, and really take care of my physical and emotional well-being.  In turn, these choices will help my baby to be healthier and stronger.  It’s a win-win!

Here’s me and my Lil Kicker last weekend before the Steelers game.  The shirt is a discovery from a prego magazine, which led me to A Pea in the Pod.

Ready for the game!

What were your kick-in-the-butt moments during pregnancy?  What have you changed to benefit your baby?

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2 Responses to Little Kicker

  1. Randa says:

    This is so awesome to read, your changes will help you to have such a strong, amazing little baby! It took me a little over a month to realize I was pregnant & as soon as I found out I totally changed my lifestyle and started doing everything for the baby. One thing that I found really helped me was staying as active as possible. I still worked out, but in moderation – traded the 15 lb weights for 5 lbs, took breaks so I didn’t get out of breath, etc. I waitressed right up until 2 weeks before my due date. Staying active and fit the whole time really helped when it came time to deliver the baby. I believe if you’re strong & healthy you’ll be confident in your body and it will make the whole process go much more smoothly. Yes, there are always unforeseen events, but I always knew I did the best I could for this baby – which is totally rewarding in itself.
    I know you’re going to have an amazing pregnancy & delivery because you’re such a strong woman!

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