Flying Prego

Kinda sounds like the Jason DeRule song “Flying Solo” doesn’t it?

Well, I came up with some lyrics to that tune while flying back from a friend’s wedding in Scotland this past weekend:

“I’m feeling like a whale /

You can’t stop these aches /

He’s kicking like crazy /

My legs got the shakes /

I’m flying prego, flying prego, flying prego….”

I’m pretty lame huh? I can’t remember the actual lyrics I came up with, but those are close 🙂

I just wanted to do a quick post about flying prego, since I didn’t know much about it previously, and it sounds like it could be scary–I mean, who really wants to give birth on an airplane??

My WTEWYE (What to Expect when you’re Expecting–see why I used the acronym?!) says that’s it’s fine to fly while pregnant, though when you’re in the 3rd trimester it’s not quite as recommended as it is for the 2nd trimester. If something were to happen, I’d be far from my doctor. Well, good thing I have the Mutterpass, but I doubt the Scots know German.  I just entered the 3rd trimester, so I took my chances (and Dr. L. said it was A-ok).  Hate how plane tix aren’t refundable.  Anyways…

We flew on Friday afternoon to Scotland with a layover in Amsterdam. Each flight was about an hour. Little man was kicking like crazy, so all I can think is the noise or pressure or both got him all excited. I was a bit worried but he calmed down afterwards–unfortunately I couldn’t even snooze because he was kicking so much. While going thru security, the security guy asks me if I’m pregnant, in German. I understood and said yes. I was thinking, “No dude, I have a big melon strapped to me! I’m 7 months pregnant, geeeeez!” but I held this all in, haha. Of course, I got selected to be searched, since I might in fact be trying to smuggle a melon into the United Kingdom. The lady felt me all over, it was kind of funny. This belly is for real!  We got to board early on one of the flights too, which was nice (I just pretended that I was hurting, but really I just didn’t want to deal with the slow, inefficient people who always get in the way on the plane–I was quite tired at that point).

Didn’t have any major issues besides lil guy going nuts. I brought plenty of snacks, but not enough water on the way there, so I made sure to bring more on the way back, and ask for 2 drinks instead of just from the flight attendant. Since I have to pee like every 10 minutes these days, I had to go onboard and several times at each airport, but that’s ok. My fingers swelled pretty badly too, so good thing I took off my rings last week! OH, I almost forgot my biggest issue: I was so darn uncomfortable. My back hurt, my legs hurt, it was not fun. I tried to walk alot but that didn’t do me much good. Thankfully J gave me a back massage when we finally got home!

So, the moral of the story is, it’s ok to fly prego–just bring drinks & snacks, and be prepared for aching and swelling.  I’m taking my chances again in 2 weeks–I’ll be 31 weeks at that time, so hopefully the lil guy doesn’t decide to show up early while we’re somewhere over the Atlantic…  That might be a story that would top my landing in a tree at Airborne school!

Any other prego mommas have issues/concerns/advice about flying prego?

Lastly, a great big THANK YOU to my friend Lizzy for hooking me up with a very pretty maternity dress that fit great!  Here it is at the wedding party, with my baby daddy:

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2 Responses to Flying Prego

  1. kale says:

    I totally know what you mean when flying. I flew at 32/33wks bc I only went home for 6 days so I was swollen but that was the worst part besides the seating. The ladies in front of me had their chairs reclined when eating so my little table wouldn’t lay flat because it was hitting my belly, but thankfully I had an empty seat to my left and husband had an empty seat to his right so stretching was easy. But the enitire time I was thinking stay in there, stay in there, don’t come out while in the plane. Because depending on where you give birth in the air, if its over a country, it will have citizenship with that country, if I remember right from a year or so ago with a lady that gave birth in air over Canada and she was from either Europe or America and her baby had citizenship in Canada. But we had no problems 😀

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