Aren’t we all mothers?

So a friend of mine, “B,” got me thinking–simply because she sent me a link that helps donate food for cats & dogs–about what it means to be a mother. Many of my friends do not have children, and therefore think they are not mothers.  Au contraire.  I believe our pets make us mothers too:
Mother: A female person who is pregnant with and gives birth to a child. A woman who adopts a child. A woman who raises a child. The female parent of an animal.  [From]
So, by association, I think “a woman who adopts and raises an animal” would also be a mother, right?

Many of us are cat and/or dog owners already, and we’d do anything for our furry friends. They are almost like our children. I know mine are 🙂
I’ve had Tigre (aka Baby Kitty) and Twingo for over a year now, and they are amazing little ladies. Full of personality, charm, affection, and mischief, I believe these two have given me great practice in becoming a mother to my son. After all, aren’t I already a mother to these two? For all you pet owners out there, do you consider yourself a mother (or father) to your pets?
This notion has really given me comfort lately.  Of course I wonder if I’ll be a good mom.  Many people ask “Are you ready?” meaning, “Are you ready for the huge responsibility of being a mother?” And to some extent, we can probably never fully prepare for the sleep deprivation, the crying, the mood swings, the endless feeding and changing… However, I think we are already prepared, at least in a small way, because of our pets. My two kitties rely on me entirely for their food and water, to give them a soft place to sleep (even if it’s on top of my clean laundry–those buggers!), and to clean their litter box. I have to discipline them at times, and I try to give them as much ‘lovins’ as I can each and every day. And for those of us who don’t have pets, haven’t you taken care of siblings or other relatives, friends, or neighbors? I think we are already equipped with the sense of nurturing and responsibility that it takes to be a good mother. It may take practice and time to hone our skills, but we’ll manage. After all, we’ve gotten ourselves (and our pets!) this far 🙂

Thus, I want to dedicate today to our babies.  Whether you’re a mom or dad to a child, a cat or dog, a cactus ;), or all of these, please take a few minutes to help dogs and kitties in need:   Play the Bow-Wow trivia game and, right or wrong, they will donate kibble to Animal Shelthers.  You can play daily, but today, Friday the 19th of November, the donation is 5 times the usual, so 50 pieces instead of 10!  You really can’t beat that!

Help dogs and cats in need!

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