I will start this post with a little humor from one of my favorite silly movies, Austin Powers:

Dr. Evil: Our early attempts at a tractor beam went through several preparations. Preparations A through G were a complete failure. But now, ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a working tractor beam, which we shall call… Preparation H.
Scott Evil: Why don’t you just call it operation ass-cream, you ass.

I love that movie ūüėȬ† Anyways, I wanted to write about how I’m preparing for baby.¬† I’m 34 weeks this week, which means just 3 until I’m full term, and 6 til my due date.¬† I have a strong feeling (or maybe it’s a strong desire) that he’s going to come early, so here’s hoping all these preparations aren’t done too early!¬† But, better too early than too late I suppose…

So, we made it across the Big Pond–twice–the past few weeks (I also made it thru my first NFL game, and Black Friday madness!)¬† My family and friends were very excited to see my baby bump.¬† My parents and several friends got to feel him kick, which was cool for me, and judging by their excitement, even cooler for them.¬† I put my lessons learned from the previous¬†Flying Prego¬†into effect: food, water, exercise, stretching… it all worked very nicely.¬† No issues at all, save for a kink in my thigh on the way there and a backache on the way back.¬† And some pretty extreme swelling of the hands and feet.¬† But, no pat-downs or even questions at the airport, and I *thankfully* did not have the baby in international airspace!

So, for the preparations.¬† Here’s my personal “guide” to preparing for baby:

  • Purchase crib, then don’t put it together.¬† Debate whether or not to purchase bassinett too.
  • Eat everything in sight, especially if it’s milk and cookies.¬† And Multi-Grain Cheerios.
  • Drink lots of water–and go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.
  • Wash baby clothes.¬† Marvel at how tiny they are when folding them.¬† Debate whether or not to put booties on Baby Kitty–but don’t do it!
  • Think about packing a “go bag” after watching Pam’s delivery on The Office
  • Sign up for a hospital tour
  • Sign up for “Bringing baby home” class
  • Purchase newborn diapers and wipes–and recall how you just changed your first diaper 2 weeks ago… and put it on backwards (sorry Aiden!)
  • Take lots of naps.¬† It gets tiring carrying a 30 pound melon around!
  • Beg husband for back massage. And leg massage. And foot massage.¬†
  • Have weird dreams¬†about baby, in color.¬† What beautiful aqua eyes he has!¬† And he’s eating a pretzel!¬† (I’m not making this up, that was a dream I had this morning…)

That’s pretty much it!¬† I know I’m in the final stretch now and it seems kind of surreal.¬† I count down the days until my next doctor’s appointment, so I can see the little guy and get a better feel for when he’ll be here.¬† I’ll know more on Tuesday.¬† Until then, happy preparing, all you other moms-to-be!¬† And for those of you who have already done it, what were some of your preparations?



34 weeks...and counting


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One Response to Preparations

  1. Tiane says:

    V –
    Your posts crack me up. This one especially. I am going to save your “guide” and use it when we are able to start our family! You look so cute in your picture here ūüôā

    Also, cannot believe the guy at the airport asked you if you were pregnant! I have never seen anyone carry themselves so beautifully! It looks like you just strapped on a big watermelon to your stomach!

    Praying everything continues to go wonderfully for you!

    Much love!

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