Unanswered Questions

So here we are.  Baby and I have reached the final countdown.  At 35 weeks, I’m feeling pretty good about things.  The bassinett is almost ready–just gotta put the sucker together again.  The car seat is purchased and almost installed 😉  The clothes are all cleaned and folded, and I even mustered up the energy to pack my ‘go bag’ for the hospital.  If he came today, it wouldn’t be a problem to hurry up and finish the last of my to-do list (except for all the cleaning I was hoping to do, but haven’t!)

Physically, I am up and down.  I have plenty of questions about this: The aches and pains have been growing exponentially it seems.  Why does my back ache ALL the time now? and How can my feet hurt this much? I’ve only been standing for 5 minutes! and my personal favorite Really? I have to pee again??? These questions all have answers though, actually the same answer: this gigantic melon growing in my belly, that brings me back to my days of misery in the Army, humping around a 35-pound rucksack.  It kinda feels like that.  Only there’s no rucksack, it’s me who’s that much heavier!  Baby surpassed 6 pounds this week, and was 19 inches at the last appointment.  I can just picture this little chubby guy pressing on my bladder, poking me in the sides, and thinking about making his big debut.

That’s where the unanswered questions spring to mind.  The big one: When will baby come? is closely followed by What will he look like? and How much is this gonna hurt? Will I be in labor for hours? Days?  Can I make it without pain meds?

Somehow, I’ve been able to quiet my ‘question monster.’  I read as much as I can about it, watch videos, take classes, talk to friends, and now I’m just hoping for the best.  It’s weird to think that someday (and someday soon!) I’m going to have a son out in the world with me, and know all the answers to these questions, and more.

I’m Really looking forward to that.

Anytime you’re ready, Baby.  Momma is ready 🙂  I can’t wait to meet you, little sweetheart.

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One Response to Unanswered Questions

  1. Shaila Spry says:

    Aww! I Love the pictures! So great!

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