“Water, water all around…”

I’ve been super-scatter-brained lately, so bear with me while I try to make a coherent post 🙂
The theme that came to mind today was sweet, glorious water.

For many reasons:
1. I am sooo hoping my water breaks sometime soon. Either that, or I get strong, regular contractions that are 5 minutes apart. Or my mucus plug comes out. Yeah, gross I know, but that means labor is imminent so naturally, at least one of the three is what I’m hoping for!

2. I’ve been SUPER thirsty lately. I monitor my hydration by observing how yellow my pee is, and somehow I haven’t been drinking enough… even though I feel like I drink LOADS of water! I also read that being dehydrated can actually delay labor (oh no!) so I’ve been making it my mission these past few days to drink up!

3. Today at prego group we had a former member of our group, “S,” tell us about her water birth. It sounds so amazing, that’s really what I want to do. However, a water birth must be completely natural, because you can’t get an epidural in your back then go in the tub. So for me, it’s either water birth or epidural. Really hoping for the water birth. Also, if someone’s already occupying the tub (there’s only 1 at the hospital) then it’s a no-go for me as well. *Fingers crossed* for the water birth though, just hoping I can handle the pain!

4. Excess water, as in, swelling. OMG my hands have never been so huge! It looks like someone squished them! The only “solution” to retaining water is to drink more water (and by the way, I don’t eat lots of salt, so that’s not a factor). My doctor said it will go away within a few days or weeks after birth. In the meantime, I have to deal with having humongo man hands and not being able to wear any rings–not even the one I bought “huge” (or so I thought at the time) to wear in place of my wedding band. To put the swelling in perspective for you, that ring won’t even fit on my pinky right now! Yikes!!

5. My last tribute to water–and I really didn’t think I’d get to 5, lol–is the swimming pool. My awesome friend “B” has been swimming with me once or twice a week, which has been awesome! I think without her there, I might be too embarrassed to show my ever-enlarged watermelon belly in public, but we’ve managed to “just keep swimming.” That’s one thing that I found has helped with water retention (when I get out of the pool, holy cow, I have to PEE!) and it’s helped me feel relaxed, flexible, and still somewhat physically fit. So YAY for supportive friends, and for swimming 🙂

One last thought on the phrase “water, water all around, and not a drop to drink.”  Lately, it’s seemed like “babies, babies all around, and not a one is mine” which might sound silly, but I have been waiting (mostly patiently!) and now I’m ready for my baby to come!  Seeing some of the girls that I was pregnant with have their lil ones makes me envious.  I know I should enjoy the last days/weeks of quiet time, when life is simple, but I’m so ready to meet my little guy.  If I’m still waiting in a day or two, I plan to write about all the crazy ways people try to induce labor–I’ve been trying them too! haha

Pour yourself a nice cold one (water, not beer!) and enjoy your day 🙂

Here’s me drinking up:


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One Response to “Water, water all around…”

  1. Renee Brewer says:

    you are such a great writer! you keep me wanting to read ALL your blogs! so….here I go to the next one!

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