The Final Countdown

Well friends, I’m on the cusp of motherhood. Today might be the last day I’m prego, and hopefully IS the last day I’m prego. The doctor agreed to induce labor since my husband is leaving in a few weeks for his new job. At 8 tomorrow morning, I’ll be induced (using Cytotec orally every 4 hours) and we’ll get the ball rolling. Wow!!! I’m kind of overwhelmed, excited, and nervous, all at once! Trying to just stay calm and relaxed and take everything as it comes. I’m from a long line of worriers (no offense Mom!) so I know that worrying doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

The baby is estimated at 21 inches long and 7 lbs, 4 oz, so we’ll see how close that actually is.  I’m wondering if he has hair, if he’ll be a spitting image of J, if he’ll be a good eater, if he has any birthmarks…  I won’t be wondering much longer!  It’s hard to imagine just how much life will change after the baby comes, but right now, I’m ready to embrace this momentous event.

To Be Continued…

Twingo will be glad to have her lap back!

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2 Responses to The Final Countdown

  1. Renee Brewer says:

    I am so exited for you both! You will do great.
    Just remember if you come to any rough patches “this shall pass”, every thing passes when it comes to your new baby (some times too soon).
    I suggest you keep a journal and wrote down at least one thing a day. I wish I did that. so many things have already passed and gone away and I feel like I am slowly forgetting.
    I can’t wait to see your little one and you as a mommy. You are going to be such a good one, I can feel it.
    Twingo will have his lap back soon enough

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