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Never have I Ever

I’ve been thinking lately, I have never wanted something so badly in my entire life. I mean, I wanted to break the school record in the triple jump real bad (didn’t happen). I wanted to get into my school of … Continue reading

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A Night in the Life

Instead of a day in the life, I thought I might describe a night with a (now) 5-week old baby. Our days are pretty non-descrip; we wake up whenever we, or rather he wants and pretty much eat, sleep, and … Continue reading

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Things I Never Woulda Thought

This post was inspired by a booger.  Not even trying to be funny.   Here’s the background on this: Baby G and I have caught some colds. Not nasty ones by any means, but it’s very hard for him to … Continue reading

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Fun Childbirth Quote

So I just started watching Scrubs–to help pass the time for the next 3 weeks and to get a little giggle when the diapers, spit-up, and crying become too much–and I came across this wonderful little skit on childbirth. JD: … Continue reading

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