Fun Childbirth Quote

So I just started watching Scrubs–to help pass the time for the next 3 weeks and to get a little giggle when the diapers, spit-up, and crying become too much–and I came across this wonderful little skit on childbirth.

JD: Childbirth has been so romanticized. I guess because if people really knew the truth…
Announcer voice: Congratulations! You’re expecting! Don’t worry, your doctor will tell you everything you need to know. Hi, Doctor!
JD: You’ll fart, pee, poop, and puke in front of 10 complete strangers, who will be staring intently at your vagina, which by the way has an 80% chance of tearing! (Dr. gives thumbs up sign).
Wife to Husband: You do it!
JD: Still, no matter what the reality is, the end result is always the same…
(Baby is born, crying).
Doctor: You have a bouncing baby boy!!

LOL I was laughing like crazy at this. My reality was slightly different. There were only 2 complete strangers, and I wouldn’t even call them complete strangers since I had been seeing my doctor for 6 months by then, and the midwife had been coaching me for several hours. I did fart and poop a little, but no pee or puke, so I guess that’s good 🙂 And I have no idea if the statistic is accurate, but I figured I was going to tear no matter what, because I knew Gabe’s head was big to begin with. But, the dr. kept telling me “Not to worry, we will get him out” in his calming English-with-a-German-accent manly voice (I had a pretty hot doctor, as some of you know).

Anyways, thought this was funny and wanted to share.
I’m working on a longer blog post but I’ve had not so much time to finish it, so perhaps now while lil man is sleeping… *knock on wood* right? He’s still battling a bit of a cold so he doesn’t sleep as soundly because his nose is waking him up. Otherwise, all is well. Today is day 5 without Daddy but we are managing ok. Waiting on the passport isn’t the best thing in the world but it’s certainly not the worst. We do have plenty of time to relax now, which is great for healing (for me) and growing bigger and stronger (for him).
Til next time… here’s my sweetpea sleeping yesterday:

Nappy nap

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