Things I Never Woulda Thought

This post was inspired by a booger.  Not even trying to be funny.   Here’s the background on this:
Baby G and I have caught some colds. Not nasty ones by any means, but it’s very hard for him to breathe through his nose, and I’m coughing a bit. So, I had to use a nasal aspirator on him, which is kind of a tricky thing. I squeeze the bulb, insert the tube part in his nose, and release, which SHOULD suck out the snot, but it doesn’t always work. And it makes him cry (unless I do it while he’s sound asleep). So early this morning, maybe around 5 or 6 AM but I can’t be sure, I sucked with the aspirator and SURE enough, out came a big ol’ boogie!! I believe what I said at that moment was “VICTORY!” He could finally breathe–at least in one nostril. Then later this morning, as I was about to feed him, I spotted a “bat in the cave” or a “cliffhanger” as some say.  So I got two boogies out, and the lil guy could breathe, at least for a while…. (here it is 4 days later now, and we both still have remnants of this dam cold).  Then I was like “Wow, I never would have thought that getting boogers out of my baby’s nose would make me so happy.”  I got to thinking some more…

Without further ado, my hodge-podge mix of new mommy “I-never-woulda-thoughts”

– I never would have thought that such a small person could create so many messes! In the past week, we’ve had “The night of spit-up that wouldn’t end!” (I swear a cup of liquid came out of his little body all at once) and “The day G soiled 4 diapers in less than an hour!” and “The day of 7 dirty onesies!” 😛  Oh yeah, and the other day was the day I got peed on.  Twice.

– I never would have thought that something could be so challenging, yet so rewarding at the same time.  That goes for the birth, and for right now.  The birth was sorta like running a race–you train really hard, it hurts, but it pays off when you get that personal best time, and you’re on top of the world.  Instead of a personal best, with your baby you get a tiny person who looks like you and your partner, that was created by your own body and blood.  Motherhood is similar to a race, too.  You put in a lot of hard work–trust me, even a 9 pound baby can hurt the back after awhile!–sometimes it’s painful, but when your newborn falls asleep on your shoulder or makes funny faces while he’s sleeping, and you know he’s happy and trusts you completely… Man, is it all worth it.

– I never would have thought that I could love a little person so much in so short a time.  He’s not even 3 weeks old, but I can’t imagine life without him now.

– I never would have thought that breast-feeding could be so satisfying and relaxing.  I’m loving it, except in the middle of the night when it’s all I can do to stay awake.  But it’s very fulfilling to watch G-man grow and get stronger by the day (I cheer him on when he holds his head up!  This morning he could do it for over 10 seconds!  Another victory 🙂 lol)

– I never would have thought that I could drink this much water and not be peeing all the time.  Thank God for having the baby, so he’s not sitting on my bladder anymore!

– I never would have thought that finishing a blog could take so long.  Days have passed since I started this.  Luckily, my baby sleeps quite a bit so I still have time to eat, shower, and do my homework (usually).  Just a lot less of it.  When he’s crying, it’s like there’s nothing else in the world.  I have to help him feel better.

– Lastly, I never would have thought that my body could go through something so difficult (and traumatic! lol) and recover so quickly.  The first 10 days were really tough, since we were moving our things and all, but on day 13, I finally started to feel like I was getting my strength back.  A 2 week period to feel better after 9 months of growing a baby?  Not bad, Mother Nature, not bad at all.  And a big thanks to Palmer’s cocoa butter, for helping me not get stretch marks 🙂

Enough rambling… my concentration still isn’t back.  I think I got maybe 5 hours of sleep and that was with 3 wake-ups.  I’m amazed I can still function.  But a huge nap is in order for this afternoon.  Never would have thought I’d love naps like I do now 🙂

Here’s my sweet babe yesterday:

Lil G-Man

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2 Responses to Things I Never Woulda Thought

  1. Randa says:

    Adorable! It’s amazing to watch how much they learn & change.

    A little comment on the waking to nurse thing – after a month or so of sleep deprivation, I finally took another mommy’s advice & started using pillows to prop her up & falling back to sleep while she nurses. After admitting this to women, I found out a lot of people do it. I know some moms disagree, but it helped me keep my sanity & that’s important too.

    Here is an awesome pediatrician’s website: . It’s really helped me!

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