A Night in the Life

Instead of a day in the life, I thought I might describe a night with a (now) 5-week old baby. Our days are pretty non-descrip; we wake up whenever we, or rather he wants and pretty much eat, sleep, and for me, attempt to get some things done.

Nights however are tricky. These days I get tired around 8 or 9 PM. Naps haven’t been working out so well for me, because it’s just hard to fall asleep in the middle of the day and there’s stuff on my mind.   So around 9 or 10 I try to feed G-man one last time before turning off the lights. I also change him before I feed him, so that he can drift off after he’s done, and not have to wake up to a cold wet wipe on his bum.

So, trying to recall last night as my example is kinda tough. I’m ridiculously tired when I wake up to feed him, so I doze off sometimes myself, and when it’s towards morning, I check my email and Facebook 😉

But I digress. Last night was a later night, as I was finishing my homework and wanted to watch another episode of my new fave show, Modern Family (thanks Becky!). Gabe had already been sleeping since 10, but I went to sleep at 11. I like to hit the timer on my ItzBeen (gadget that keeps track of time for me–post on that to follow). That way when I wake up, I know how long it’s been since I fed and changed him, because honestly sometimes it feels like I only slept a minute and he’s awake again. So the gadget keeps me sane.

Sure enough, midnight rolls around and lil man is awake again. I feed him and wonder if he needs changed. Nah, I thought, I’ll wait til the next one. Then when he didn’t fall asleep right away, I ended up changing him anyway, just in case. Nights are full of decisions like these; they seem insignificant, but of course no one wants their lil one to be sitting in a wet, dirty diaper for hours.

We both fell back asleep… sometimes I have to sing to him or stroke his hair or belly, and that’s what I had to do then (which sometimes puts me to sleep before him!) We had a longer sleep after that, 3.5 hours (yay!) I fed and changed him again, and this time he did not want to go back to sleep at all. When this happens, he just sort of fidgets, kicking his legs, grunting or making sounds, spitting out his pacifier. Very frustrating for me. I dozed in and out for nearly an hour while he did this.

Next thing I know it’s 5:30 and he’s ready to eat again. Most nights are just like this, feeding 3-4 times before morning. Makes me long for a 4 hour stretch of sleep, something I never thought I’d say. Anyways, more fidgeting ensued, so I brought him close to me and propped my arm up on his blanket so he could feel me but I wouldn’t crush him. Usually he’s 2 feet from me, on the other half of the bed. And once we get to GA, he’ll be back in his bassinett and later his crib.

The snuggling worked for a few more hours. We woke again around 7:30 and he seemed to want to stay awake but I sure didn’t. This is when I pull out my “secret sleep weapon” that I learned from my husband: lay him on my chest, and he’s usually out in a few minutes. It worked well and then I’m awake again and it’s 9:15.

All together, 10 hours of time in bed. Four (or was it five?) feedings. 3-4 diaper changes–I can’t even remember now. And possibly a total of 7 hours of sleep for me. Weird dreams too.

A little about my day (since the babe is still sleeping!): I got dressed and ate breakfast. He fussed for about half of that time. The Germans love him and they give him all sorts of attention 🙂 I wanted to go get a few things to eat, so I strapped him in his seat and we went to Heidelberg for a few groceries. He slept most of this time, something about the car puts him right to sleep. That was my plan, so I could take a long shower when we got back. Sure enough, he’s still sleeping, and I got a 20 min or so shower, yessss. Now it’s going on 3 hours of his nap, and he’s stirring.  Only 10 more hours and we’ll start that process again…

Surprisingly, I must be getting used to this, because I’m not the zombie I thought I’d be.  And the lil one seems to be gaining weight well and crying less often, so we’re both hanging in here without Daddy.  In a few more weeks, life will be much easier and we’ll get settled in our new home.  Until then, trying to enjoy the last days in Germany with the friends I have here.

Til next time!

Oh glorious sleep!

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2 Responses to A Night in the Life

  1. Maria says:

    Every time you look at his angelic face it makes all those sleepless night worth every minute, I know I did it four times and my last one was the most exhausting as she never slept only cat naps. The best part is that it will pass and you will forget those sleepless nights when you look at your beautiful, healthy baby that smiles at you and whose face lights up when he catches a glimpse of you. Hang in there, you are becoming a great mom and making the necessary sacrifices… Just remember that your reward will be in the man he becomes.

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