Return to Running

Yesterday I made my running “debut” after about 5 months off. (Incidently, this is the first time my two blogs have “crossed”–same post for both this and my runner’s world blog).

I was kinda scared that it would hurt. Worst case scenario, it would hurt so much that I wouldn’t be able to run for awhile longer–I’ve already waited 11 weeks since Gabe was born and 3 months before he was born. Since I’ve been dying to run, I just couldn’t wait any longer to find out. So I invited one of my best girlfriends to join me and away we went.

I had my big nerdy Garmin watch on just to see how fast (well…slow, in reality) we were. It was hot and sunny and a lovely day to return to running. Nothing noteworthy happened, which was great–no pain, just a few aches that were no big deal and went away with stretching. We went 1.5 miles and I was thrilled 🙂 Granted, it was super slow, but I was expecting to be slower, so I guess all the swimming paid off cardio-wise.

I’m sore today but happy that I am on my way back to running again! And it does provide a (sometimes welcome) break from the baby and allows me to have some “me” time 🙂 When I’m a happier mom, I will have a happier baby!

J & I signed up for our first race back in the States, the Tybee Island Turtle Trot. Should be awesome! I’m going to run/walk it and J will take the little guy for a walk.

Moms, what do you do for yourself to be a happier mom?

Turtles from the trot… should be fun!

The run benefits turtles

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