Time Keeps on Slippin’

I thought I would take this opportunity to do an evaluation of lil G’s progress–since he’s almost 3 months now!  Oh my goodness, where does the time go? Answer: Into the future (thus, the title of this blog and lyrics from “Fly like an Eagle.”)

First, a bit from my perspective. I now understand so many things about parenthood that I didn’t before. How moms and dads (especially moms!) can be so darn overprotective (and have such a short fuse). How stressful staying at home can actually be. How hard it is to take care of someone so small. And how rewarding it is to bring a person into this world–a person who looks like you, relies on you for everything, and is so innocent and sweet. *sigh* Oh, did I mention, I completely understand how moms can be utterly obsessed with their lil ones? Yep… I’m now one of them. Thank God I’m still going to school so I still have adult things to talk about, otherwise my friends might want to punch me in the face for constantly going on and on about every little thing Gabe does! lol

As for my little guy, in the past 3 months, so much has changed:

  • He sleeps much longer stretches now.  Thank God!  At first, I probably woke up to feed him (or rather, he woke me up) about 4-6 times a night.  I remember some nights, at the hotel in Germany, where he’d wake up at 4 AM and not fall back asleep for an hour or so… brutal for me.  He loves to nap though, so that’s always been a blessing.  Anyways, now he’s had one night where he only got me up once, and it’s usually 2-3 times.  Trust me, a 3-4 hour stretch of sleep is sooo welcome after so many nights of just 1.5-2 hour intervals.  However, he now can see and hear so much better than at the newborn stage, so he wants to stay awake to take it all in.  Which is good at times, but bad when it’s actually bedtime and he’s so worn out that he’s crying, which in turn makes it that much harder to fall asleep.  Luckily, we seem to have found the position (sideways against the chest or stomach) and aids (pacifier!!!!) to help him get some zzz’s.
  • G-man still eats somewhat like a newborn: very often.  I, being his main source of food, of course don’t want to deprive him, so when he cries and I can’t figure out if it’s something else, I resort to feeding him, which he almost always gladly takes.  So pretty much every 1.5 to 3 hours, he eats.  Not a huge difference from 3 months ago, when he ate every 1.5-2 hours.  He’s a very efficient lil guy though, and it only takes him 5-10 minutes, rarely longer.  So I guess I have a “snacker” on my hands, which I can understand.  He has a little belly, breast milk digests easily, so he needs to eat often.  And he’s so sweet & chubby, so I’m just glad he’s healthy and that I can provide the nutrition he needs.
  • You might not want to know this, but it’s another big baby topic: pooping.  At first, babies poop all the dang time.  It’s pretty gross.  It changes in color from black to green to brownish to yellow in the first week.  It makes the nights kind of tough (and they are already tough enough!) because I’d have to change him pretty much at every feeding.  Who wants their baby sitting in poo for hours?  Now his body spaces them out more, so he goes just once a day usually, or sometimes twice, or sometimes he skips a day then has a major blowout.  I’m talking it’s so much it goes up his back and he needs a new outfit kind of blowout.  Not exactly fun.  And it’s liquidity on top of that, so it just gets everywhere.  These are the other joys of parenthood! 😛
  • In terms of physical development, progress is rapid the first few months.  At birth, he could wiggle his limbs and cry at the top of his lungs.  While those two aspects haven’t changed much, he does kick a lot more–even doing this cute bicycle motion with his legs sometimes.  And thanks to lots of tummy time (which also makes him burp, so it ‘kills two birds with one stone’), his arms and neck are pretty strong, and while he still wobbles, he’s on his way to being able to sit on his own.  We’ve had a few incidents where his head will teeter all of a sudden, and run right into momma’s nose or cheek (ouch!)  But he’s doing great and getting so big already.  I mourned the ‘loss’ or rather, outgrowing, of his newborn clothes (around 4-6 weeks old) and now at 3 months, he’s just about to outgrow his 0-3 month clothes.  I guess it’s just sad because I know he’ll never be this tiny again.  At least we have plenty of cute clothes on hand to grow into…
  • His intellectual development has also grown tremendously.  He now smiles back at me when I smile.  He ‘talks’ to me through ooohs and ahhhs and the occasional scream or chirp.  He watches and listens carefully when he’s awake.  He can also grab onto things, but doesn’t know how to let go.  In the past few days, he really found his fingers, so now he’ll suck on his thumb… or thumb and index finger… or two thumbs and a index… or try for the ‘grand slam’ of the whole fist!  It’s fun to watch, and it does pacify him, so I’m trying to switch the pacifier for thumbs–much more portable and easy for him to get to!  That’s win-win for us 🙂
  • As far as physical changes, he is losing his newborn hair. I wonder if he’ll get black hair like Daddy or keep brown hair like Momma.  His eye color changed slightly, from a dark gray-blue to dark brown.  His scalp is really dry and flaky but the rest of his skin is good, thanks to Aquaphor (Dr. recommended since he was starting to get eczema).  I haven’t had to cut his toenails yet, except the big ones.  His fingernails grow so rapidly that I have to cut them at least once a week–not an easy task because he’s such a Wiggleworm, but if I don’t, he scratches both his face and me.

So he’s still a little guy, but so much has changed in the past 3 months–and not just our location!  I’m enjoying the States very much, it’s great to be home, but I miss so much about Germany too.  And I will always have such a sweet, soft spot in my heart for Germany, since I spent the first years with my husband there, and my baby boy was born there.  I can’t wait to take him there someday to show him where we used to live and where he was born.  And maybe I’ll get to run the Berlin Marathon someday after all.

For now, I will enjoy each and every day that I spend with this little angel.  Each day is so fleeting–and so precious and priceless!

How do you fellow moms feel about time going so quickly?

Here’s my babe at almost 3 months:

Gabe at 3 months

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2 Responses to Time Keeps on Slippin’

  1. Mandy says:

    I know the feeling of “mourning” the loss of the baby clothes… I packed them all away as she grew out of them, and this week I have been going through them all again to get ready for a yard sale…and crying like a baby as I sorted through them remembering how little she really was… so that part doesnt get any easier. We are so blessed that we get to stay home with our little ones and not miss a moment, they are only small for such a short while… I hope you are enjoying everything as much as i have/do! Love ya Nessa!

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