Cloth Momma

Some of you might know what I mean by “Cloth Momma.” For those who don’t, it means that I use cloth diapers.  Or rather, I’m trying to exclusively use cloth diapers, mainly so that I can save money on disposables.  ($20 a box, box lasts less than 2 weeks… you do the math!)  Now, this is still an experiment, as we only have 6 diapers to go with (until the others arrive in the mail), so it’s only been about 24 48 hours of use (blogs take me days between when I start and when I finish!). But so far, so good. I’m going to let Gabe tell the story so I can take a nap for once!

Hey ladies and gents, G-man here.

I like to help Mom by holding up my shirt when she changes me!

Momma gets really tired in the afternoon for some reason, something about waking up to feed at night? I don’t know anything about that.  This post is my Mother’s Day present to her.  Oh, and I’m gonna try not to have an up-the-back poop today too.  She would really like that I think.

Anyways, here’s the scoop on the cloth diaper situation.  Mom’s been wanting to change it up.  Those boxes at Wal-Mart are expensive!  She ordered some Bum Genius diapers from Kelly’s Closet after her friends Jenny and Petra showed her their BG diapers (btw, they are buy 5 get 1 free right now).

Bum Genius diapers ready to go!

I wouldn’t mind the switch.  The cloth ones look nice and soft, come in cool colors, and they probably won’t pinch my legs like the Pampers do.  My legs are pretty chubby if you haven’t noticed 😉

I'm not so sure about this... these don't look like Pampers!

Well, I sniffed and tasted them out

I like to put everything in my mouth

and I still wasn’t sure,

Umm... I don't know?

but I told Mom to go ahead anyway.  I’m up for new things, and if it saves Mom & Dad money, that seems to make them happy these days.

First, Mom had to wash them.  Thankfully, Kelly’s Closet sent some instructions.  But Mom didn’t have the right detergent, so she’s been waiting weeks to get this cloth diaper party started.  Finally, she had enough, and while she waits for the Allen’s Naturally to come in the mail, Mom just used some Tide.  The process is one short cold wash with detergent, one longer hot wash with detergent, and one rinse.  Simple enough.  Mom likes doing laundry now that she has the new washer and dryer from Sears.

It was a gorgeous warm sunny day, so she hung them out to dry on the clothesline in the backyard.

Cloth diapers come in lots of fun colors

Each diaper came with two liners, so there were 12 liners and 6 diapers.  Mom is teaching me to count 🙂

We love finally having a yard

They dried very quickly, so within a matter of hours, we were ready for the first time.

Diaper + Liner = Pocket Diaper

Mom got me prepped

I decided not to kick while Mom was changing me (for once)

I held my shirt up for her like I do, and voila!  New diaper change complete.  That wasn’t so hard.

Mommy's helper

I took a quick sec to taste my shirt

*nom nom*

And I was happy!

Sure, I'll smile at you... if you stop hiding behind that camera!

I took a moment to wiggle around–and show off my new ‘designer’ BG diaper

Bulkier, but cozy

Then we topped it off with some Tummy Time while Mom snapped some more pics.

Does this make my butt look big?

Happy Baby

*whew*  That was quite a story.  The verdict: Mom kinda likes the cloth diapers, and I do too.  The bigger insert is necessary at night, of course, because I pee a lot during those 11-12 hours.  If Mom tries to change me, then I wake up and think it’s playtime, so she doesn’t do that anymore.  The bigger insert is also needed in the early morning when I pee a lot too.  Dad said I had a leak but I don’t know if I did or not, we couldn’t figure out where the wet spot came from.  Otherwise, we’ve had no leaks or issues at all.  Mom was kinda holding her breath though, for the Big Poop that I inevitably will have every day or two.  Today I had it, and the cloth diaper held up just fine.  She is undecided about the wet or dry pail method, so most of them she does dry (they sit in the pail til laundry time), but with the poopy diaper she rinsed it a bit before putting it in the pail.  Tomorrow we find out how it washes out.  The first 6 washed out just fine, no stains or smell to be found.  To be continued…  I wonder if this will work until I’m potty trained?

Curious mind

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2 Responses to Cloth Momma

  1. Rebecca Ivory says:

    Girl, you are BRAVE. My mom did cloth diapers with me (I know, a LONG TIME AGO). She had a cloth diaper service pickup the dirty diapers and drop-off clean diapers twice per week. Even with the service, it was still cheaper then disposables. I can’t imagine washing poopy diapers … you’re a trooper 🙂 I hope Gabe buys you a nice Mothers Day present this year (and everyday for the next 75yrs!) 😉

  2. Petra says:

    I am so glad they are working out well so far! You did a great job with the post, it is very detailed. I have heard from everyone that cloth diapers hold in the blow outs very well so seems like we should be good. Disposables or cloth diapers-you are dealing with poop no matter what, right? 🙂

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