Down with the Sickness

Yes, I refer to the Disturbed song, because it popped in my head this morning…actually sometime in the middle of the night. Why?

Well, it was bound to happen. Gabe and I have both been healthy since his birth, save for a bout with the cold when he was 2 weeks old. He’s got a cold again, and it’s slowly crept up on us, going from a stuffy nose, to lots of sneezing, to coughing, and now a fever ☹ No beuno at all! As much as we parents try, we cannot prevent germs from entering our own bodies or that of our kids. Now I need to disinfect everything in the house though, because we certainly don’t want to deal with this if we don’t have to. Holding G’s hot little body as he whimpered last night and struggled to breathe… so sad! He’s napping now (my naps keep getting interrupted by the phone or doorbell so here I am) and hopefully he won’t be so sick when he wakes up. Poor baby!

Speaking of stuffy nose, I’ve been meaning to do a blog where I post my Top 10 Baby Essentials, because one of them is most definitely the Nose Frida! This tube allows me to suck out the snot from his nose (I know, very appealing) without upsetting him too much. The nasal aspirators just don’t work very well. So with this, I spray some Baby Saline mist into his nose, let it work its magic for a few moments, then suck out the mucus. It still gets him upset, but at least he can breathe afterwards!

And lastly, a diaper update: The cloth diapering is going well. We’ve had some leaks, mostly because Gabe still eats at least twice during the night, so he pees a lot during those 10-12 hours in bed, and I don’t like to change him because then he wakes up and thinks it’s playtime. So I might use a disposable at night only, just until he stops peeing so much at nighttime. The wet bag that my friend Petra recommended is awesome! Keeps in the smells and wetness, and washes perfectly along with the diapers. I switched up the wash cycle slightly; I still do the short, cold wash but instead of using Allen’s Naturally on that cycle, I use the Tide (it gets out the poop better). Then on the long, hot cycle with extra rinse, I use Allen’s Naturally. The diapers come out good as new, no smells or stains. I try to hang them on the clothesline if possible, but sometimes I take the easy way out and toss them in the dryer. The clothe diapers are definitely bulkier, so clothes don’t fit as well around them, but I still think they are worth the fuss of washing, since I don’t have to buy a huge $20 box of diapers every few weeks. And there’s less taking out the trash too. And huge bonus points for cloth diapers: we have not had any poop go up the back or out the legs at all. Yay!!

Here’s baby boy when he snot sick (ha!)  And btw, last week he laughed out loud!

I love your smile, Gabe

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