Cold Turkey: Night 1

I’ve had enough of this sleep deprivation. It’s partially my own fault. It’s hard to let G-man cry it out, so after about 2 nights of that, I abandoned that route. Then he got a cold, so it was back to square 1. But now he wants to eat every 3 hours at night again. Every 3 hours during the day, not a problem. But come on, you try getting up every 3 hours for about 5 months straight and see how well you function. I’m a mess some days. I don’t work out when I’m tired, my homework doesn’t get done… you get the idea.

So tonight we’re going cold turkey.

That’s pretty radical, you might think. Yup, it is. This has the potential to be a really long night, after a really long day (naps today totaled less than an hour. All day. Usually he sleeps about 3 hours during the day). I’m exhausted and thinking about bed and it’s only a little after 7 PM. I got encouragement from a friend TN who said this worked within 4-5 nights, and my other girlfriend RB said it took her 9 nights, but it is possible. I just gotta hang in there for the next week it looks like. Sorry G-man, the kitchen’s closed at night now. Yup, kinda breaks my heart too (especially to hear him cry!) but girl’s gotta take care of herself too.

Otherwise, things are great. Gabe is growing like a weed. He can do a push-up (baby style), roll all over, and I think crawling is just a few weeks away. The rice cereal is going down great, he seems to love it, even when it’s mixed with water. Going to try oatmeal and barley next. Cloth diapers are still going great too. The worst part is separating the insert from the diaper at laundry time. Pretty stinky stuff. But after a few cycles (cold–hot–cold) they are so fresh n so clean. And hanging them out on the clothesline really does make the poop stains disappear altogether! Thanks for that tip PH!

Man you gotta be kidding me… I had much more written, didn’t click save, but thought it would publish the way I had it and it didn’t.. Darn you WordPress. Thanks for adding more crap to my already crappy day.

Sleepy time

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