Night 1 Evaluation

Here’s a middle of the night update, since I’m awake and have been for almost an hour.  It’s midnight.  G woke a little after 9, but the binky worked in like 2 seconds, which was awesome.  I knew it wouldn’t be that easy all night… sure enough, woke again a little after 11.  Binky, soothing, singing, kissing: no effect whatsoever.  The boy was tired and hungry…and WAILING 😦   This is going to be fun…. I sat there and counted down the minutes until I could go reassure him again. First 5, then 10, then 10 more, throw in a little spat with the DH, some crying on my part, finally almost 45 minutes had gone by and the little guy showed no signs of stopping.  I hated to “give in” but I hated more to hear him crying like that.  I went in and rocked him and thankfully he fell back asleep quickly.

The tricky part to this situation is that sleep and eating are so intertwined. I want him to get good sleep, and of course I want him to get enough to eat. But he doesn’t need to eat throughout the night.  When babies are 11 lbs or more, they don’t need to eat at night.  So my big 17 pounder has no need to eat at night, he just thinks he wants to eat at night because that’s all he knows.  I’ve been feeding him round the clock since he was born 5 months ago.  I just can’t do it anymore.  So right now he’s going on 5 hours without eating, and I want him to go at least 6 hours before I feed him.  Before bed, I told myself no nursing until 3 AM or later (8 hours without food) but we’ll see which is worse for him: the tiredness or the hunger. I’m pretty tired myself but it’s amazing that 3 hours of sleep (with one wake-up in there) can actually make me feel refreshed and coherent enough to type at midnight. I wonder what 4 hours could do?
To be continued…

Ok, now it’s 7 AM.  The night went pretty well after the 11-12 cry session.  He woke a few minutes shy of 3 AM, so I fed him–after all, my boobs aren’t used to going more than 5-6 without being nursed, so I was feeling the pressure.  He ate and fell right back to sleep, and slept til 6!  I’ll take that as a small victory for night 1.  Hopefully he can learn how to fall back asleep.  When I tried the Cry It Out (CIO) method a few weeks ago, he did pretty well with falling asleep on his own.  Even this week, 2 nights he fell asleep on his own.  He’s just not consistent yet.

As for me, I got about 8 hours of total sleep with 3 wake-ups… and I actually feel much better than previous nights.  Still had weird dreams, I guess because I’m always awakened during my REM sleep, but hey, I’m just grateful to not have gotten up 4-5 times to nurse him back to sleep.  Tonight, I will shoot for one feeding at 3:30 and hope for the best 🙂

Sleep comes easy in the carseat... why not the crib?

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