Half a Year & Making Baby Food

My lil guy is growing so fast! 9 days ago, he was half a year old. It seems like every day he takes up more space in his crib, tries more new things, and makes us laugh again and again. What a blessing children are. I can’t even explain how fortunate I feel.
Here’s an update on G-man:
– learned to crawl the week before turning 6 months
– several days later, could sit up on his own
– took a few falls from the sitting position but now seems to have mastered it
– I can see teeth coming in, both bottom and top, but they haven’t broken through yet. I give him frozen banana chunks, pears, and peaches, all in the Munchkin feeder bags, what a lifesaver!

Speaking of food, I followed my homegirl Tracy’s advice from her book, starting with pears, then peaches, then squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots (with 3 days in between each).  There’s always a debate, fruit or veggies first.  Well, I love the book, so I followed that, and Gabe eats everything.  The first few times he makes faces (see pics below) but then he seems to love everything.  I hope that continues!  I’m looking forward to feeding him more new things and for him to be able to feed himself with those chubby fingers 🙂

And going with solid food comes solid poops!  This might not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, the clean up is soooo much easier.  Yay Gabriel! Nope, no pics of this, sorry to disappoint  😛

No words yet but I hear Baa, Gaa, Maa, Daa and other sounds, so I’m hoping it’s not too far off.  It’s amazing to me that babies go from being so tiny and helpless, to so big and fast and smart in just a matter of months.  I’m trying to savor each and every day that I’m home with my little one.  He won’t be so little for long!

Here’s some pics of my sweet potato, squash, and carrot experiment with making my own baby food.  I didn’t cook them long enough so only the sweet potatoes were soft enough.  Still worked out though!

That’s about it… let me sneak a quick nap before this dude wakes up!  Oh yeah, and he can fall asleep on his own (yay!) just not always.  Still wakes up 1-2 times in the middle of the night too. But we’re seeing progress, slowly but surely!

What amazes you most about kids’ growth? 

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