Guilty Pleasure

It’s time for me to admit something.
First of all, I didn’t jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Read the first book but never progressed to the others, and never watched more than 20 minutes of the movies. Ditto with Lord of the Rings. Just not feeling it. And the same was true with the Twilight series until… we got curious. It was on TV one night, so we watched. And got hooked. And I just finished New Moon this morning and Eclipse this afternoon. Yup, it was a Twilight kind of weekend 🙂 Now, I’m more pumped than ever to see Breaking Dawn this November. I saw previews for it when I went to see The Help (Great movie, btw!) but now that I’m up to speed (seen all 3) I am so SO excited!  Spoiler alert: I mean, what girl doesn’t love a wedding?
I think we all need our guilty pleasures. My others are dark chocolate, ice cream, massages, and reading. If we don’t do these little things for ourselves, who will? We will end up being stressed out and miserable. So I say, let’s not feel guilty at all. Let’s enjoy those pleasures guilt-free.
Another example of my guilt: I’ve been wanting a back massage for weeks months since G-man was born. Didn’t happen in March when I was home (and Coventina Day Spa is the best!) or in August. So after some coaxing from J, I finally made a massage appointment here. What were my excuses before? Oh the usual: I’m busy, they are expensive, I should be taking care of Gabe and other things. But come on ladies (and guys too!), let’s give ourselves a break here. We need some pampering! Go ahead, book that spa appointment. Watch the Twilight series. Enjoy some ‘me’ time. You deserve it!

Gabe loves his pleasures too: food, wine, reading… he’s a little adult 😉
What are your pleasures?

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