Free Stuff!

So I thought we ladies (and my guy followers too!) can help each other out. What is the best way to get more bang for your buck? How do you score free stuff? Or get great discounts?

My friend AW is pretty much queen of getting a good deal. From food to clothing, she’s shown me a little research can go a long way… meaning lots of money saved! Speaking of, she’s having a little giveaway of free books.  Your chances of winning are high!  Check it out:


One of my high school classmates, KG, is also awesome at stretching her bucks.  She shared this link about making frozen burritos.  All I can say is Awesome.  These are delish and such a lifesaver when you don’t want to cook.  Not to mention cheap!

Hmmm… what else?  Oh yeah, the cloth diapers.  Here’s the answer for SA, who asked how they are working out.  They are pretty good, but don’t hold all of Gabe’s big ones in sometimes, which causes messes.  However, the Pampers don’t hold these in either!  I would say they are a way to save money, especially if used on more than one child.  The extra detergent and water is a factor, but one diaper is about $20, the same as a box of Pampers.  If you buy roughly 2 boxes of Pampers a month, you would start realizing your savings around 9 months (if you own 18 cloth diapers like we do).  And if your child is in diapers for more than 2 years, you’ll definitely save.

That’s about all I’ve got.  Not so great with using coupons, although I do manage to every once in awhile at Krogers or Wal-Mart.  I need some help being more thrifty!

So friends, family, fellow mommas and papas…  what advice do you have for the rest of us?  How do you save money in these crazy economic times?  Please leave your comments below.  You never know if something you do ends up being a lifesaver for another reader!  Thanks!!!

Here’s Gabe being ‘helpful’ with the dishes (ha!)   I guess there’s another way to save money… who needs toys when you have a dishwasher!? lol


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