Working Momma

There’s really two types of moms these days: Working moms, and Stay-at-home moms (SAHMs). I suppose there’s a 3rd type, the hybrid mom, who both stays at home and works from home (Hi Renee B., Nicole P., and now Kristin A.!), as I’ve been attempting to do with my photography business. I say attempting because it is tough! My dear husband watches the little guy while I go to sessions and edit, but I often have to edit during the daytime too, which makes it hard with Gabe. I don’t believe I need to be his source of entertainment always, but after 30 minutes in the playpen (pack-n-play, whatev), he’s like “come onnnnn Mom, pay attention to ME now!” And behold, my momma guilt kicks in.

My momma guilt stems from the idea that I always need to be there for my son.  As any parent wants to, right?  Of course we all have daily obligations and such, but I wanted to raise my son the way I was raised.  My mom didn’t go back to work til Lil Bro was 6 or 8.  She was always there when we got off the bus, packed our lunches, volunteered, the whole 9 yards.  Well, my plan to stay home with Gabe has changed.  We all know the economy is hurting (to the 100th power!) right now, so for a variety of reasons, we decided it’s best to go back to being a dual income family.  So, my mommy guilt is probably going to get much worse, because instead of spending a few hours at most away from G-man every day, it’s going to be 8-9 hours every day.  Going back to full time.  Part excited, part sad, part anxious… and hopeful.  I want to give my family a good life, and you can imagine the financial toll it takes when 1 adult stays home instead of brings home the bacon.  Plus, it gets lonely and monotonous at home.  Hopefully the benefits of working will outweigh the hurt in my heart of being away from Gabe all day long, 5 days a week.  I hope he doesn’t start to think of the new baby-sitter as “Mommy” or think that I’m abandoning him every day.  I just love him so much.  I know that I have lots to give to the world too though, and plenty of earning potential now that this MBA is finally (FINALLY!) almost done.  (4 weeks… and counting!)

Lastly, this will make the hectic life we already lead even more so.  Family.  Friends. Workouts.  Work all day.  Preparing meals.   Classes.  Photo sessions on the weekends still.    Cleaning.  TV (because of course I need to unwind after a long day!)  There’s a lot going on with all of us, isn’t there?

Working mommas, I truly need your advice on this one.  How do you feel about being away from your little ones all day?  How do you cope with it?  Does it get easier with time?  How do you balance work and family?  Thanks x 1,000 for any advice!

To work outside or inside the home? Both are hard!

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