Movin’ on up!

Happy New year! What a stark contrast from last year. I was 9 month prego and anxious to meet my lil guy, and now he’s almost 1 and I don’t know where the year went!
Here’s what’s happenin’ with us: we are moving again. Yep, it’s been a lot of moves in the last year and a half. First a move from one town to the next in Germany, fall 2010. Then a trans-Atlantic move as J got a job in GA, in Jan (for him) and March (for Gabe & me). Things in Georgia didn’t meet our expectations, so I went on the job hunt in December, and fortunately got an amazing offer for a job up in NC! So J will be at home with G-man for a bit until he finds employment, and I’ll be a working momma again. Exciting! We are so grateful that this opportunity came to us. I don’t even mind moving again. Georgia summers rival Iraq’s heat, so I think NC will be a bit more temperate. And the outdoor activities seem more plentiful in NC too! (Running trails!)
Gabe has been growing like crazy. Not sure what he weighs but we’ll find out in 2 weeks at his one year check-up. He can walk a bit but I have yet to get it on video. He seems content pushing his carts around (or his baskets). He seems to understand more and more. For example, where’s kitty cat? Gabe will walk over to the window of the porch. Where’s your binky? Gabe will pull it out of his mouth. He’s a champ at saying “Dada” and “Momma” but hasn’t branched out to any other words (that we can understand!). His sleeping has been much better, some nights he’ll sleep thru (7 to 7!) but usually he wakes up once or twice–darn teeth coming in. I’m not so exhausted anymore tho, which feels amazing. I’m back on my training program, half marathon in Feb and hopefully my first triathlon in May.
So things are looking up! Hopefully 2012 will be a very, very good year. It seems full of potential, all we have to do is make it awesome 🙂
Happy New Year to you!
Here’s some of Gabe from recently… oh, and Christmas was like any other day for him. Not interested so much in new toys as he is in Mom & Dad’s cell phones or the boxes the toys came in. LOL!

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