Happy Birthday Gabriel!

My little guy turned one yesterday. Hard to believe how much he’s grown in the span of a year. As a newborn, he seemed so tiny and helpless (although an 8 lb baby seems quite large when you’re giving birth!) I remember loving his long, black hair, and his little toes. I still love his hair, but it’s brown and curly now, and his toes, which are much bigger and always kicking or on the go! At one year, Gabriel’s a walking, talking, (crying), opinionated little person. Loves the remote control, cell phones, laptops, anything electronic and anything that moves (hello, kitties!) He can say mama and dada quite well, and is now working on nah-nah and yeah yeah. He sometimes says things that sounds like words (“cat”) but then won’t repeat them.  Ask him where his tongue is and he’ll stick it out. Ask him where his nose is and he’ll stick out his tongue too 😛 He can also point to his ear, and next we’re working on belly (and nose!) He’s got a great appetite and will eat anything (minus broccoli) and he especially wants whatever we’re eating.  Yesterday we gave him birthday cake–sugar–for pretty much the first time.  He seemed to think it tasted funny, then enjoyed it.  OH, and I almost forgot, my old-favorite topic, sleep!  Gabe sleeps 7 to 7 now (yes a glorious 12 hours) but usually wakes up once in the middle of the night or near morning.  Sometimes we get lucky tho, and he’ll sleep the whole way thru.

Today he got 3 shots, then screamed bloody murder when the nurse tried to take his blood.  Not the best morning for either of us!  He’s 50th %ile for height (30″) and weight (22.5 lbs) but his “melon head” as Daddy likes to call it is 75%ile… LOL.  He’s just got a big brain in there 😉  J also likes to call his forehead a “5 head” haha.  I was a bit sad that he turned one already but this is just how life is anymore… fast!  What else… his 5th tooth finally broke thru today, and he’s got 2 more that look close to popping thru.  Gabe is such a funny boy, very active, very loving, and he’s surprised me with how fun and smart he is at just one year old.  I couldn’t have asked the Lord for a better son.  I’m so thankful for him and Javi… I feel really, truly blessed.  This week we pack up, next week I go back to work!

Here’s Gabriel’s growth by months… Gosh I love this lil munchkin!

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