New beginnings

This post is long overdue.  I meant to write about my new job last weekend… or was it the weekend before?  It’s all a blur now.  A good blur… time flies when you’re having fun!

To sum it up: My new job rocks! (more about it in a bit)  I love our new town, and we’re already meeting new friends–mine are at work, J’s are at the YMCA.  North Carolina is a very nice place to live… good weather (except for now, it’s freezing!), friendly people, lots of great places to shop and eat.  I am Loving it, for sure.  There’s really nothing I haven’t loved yet.  We are staying in an apartment until we find a house so that’s probably the only bad part.  Once you’ve had your own house, it’s hard to go back to apartment living.  But the house will be a reality again very soon… 😉

So about the new job… the only other job I can really compare it to is the Army.  And it’s about 1,000,000 times better than the Army.  How so?  Well let see… the pay is comparable, as are the benefits (of course, no where else in the U.S. will you find cradle-to-grave benefits like in the military).  What else is better?  Not having to show my ID card to drive onto base, not having to WAIT to get to my job (no line of cars!), I can pick my own doctor, no bureaucratic nonsense, no sucking-up, no political BS, I could go on and on… but perhaps best of all to me, I can freely air my ideas and have complete freedom of speech, without having to worry about repercussions.  In fact, my ideas are welcomed, my supervisors give me credit when I earn it instead of trying to take it for themselves…I work with some really intelligent and talented people, which I could not always say in the Army. I can’t say enough great things about being in a civilian job.  It’s crazy for me to think about the amount of time I put up with the Army crap… but no regrets, because every decision I made got me to where I am, and I am SO incredibly thankful for where I am right now.  (Yes, this little spiel is directed at any of you who are in the military and on the fence about leaving… trust me, LEAVE!  You will not regret it)

And little Gabe?  He’s doing well, except for this nasty cold that he and I have.  He’s in good spirits despite being sick though.  He’s learned how to wave hi and it’s super cute! He even waved good-bye to me the other morning.  We are working on words, but he’s not much of a talker yet except random babbling, and Momma, Dadda, and the occassional “Cat!”  His new favorite is “Hiiiiii!” back and forth with us.  Chasing kitties is fun, as is grabbing the remote control and mouse.  And he’s almost sleeping thru the night.  Usually we have 1 wake-up, but that’s the new norm, so I don’t even mind anymore.  I am accustomed to waking up at night now.  And I’m thinking of Baby #2 now, but the difficult days with Gabe (when he’s whiny and high maintenance) makes both J and I say… eh, let’s wait a while more 🙂

That’s about it for an update!  Here’s a few recents–from today:

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One Response to New beginnings

  1. Aubrey says:

    AMEN. Seriously, this is the EXACT reason I am leaving the military. I feel underappreciated, stifled, LIMITED… and so much of my time is wasted waiting in lines and doing inefficient things.

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