The Stars Aligned

This week I was thinking about how we got here (in NC, not on earth).  I happened to go to a hiring conference in Dec… because I happened to get an email from the company hosting the conference, 2 years ago!  And because it just so happens I had tried a job that didn’t work out, I was desperately seeking employment.  A few months ago, J happened to apply for a job, and they ended up calling him last week to offer him that job.  So it’s crazy, the course of events in our lives… all because of the chances we take, the decisions that we and everyone around us makes.  I love how it’s all worked out.  The stars aligned for us, and I’m so, so grateful.

Along those same lines… A co-worker asked me this week if I had to go back and do my time in the Army again all over, would I do it?  And part of me wanted to say no, but then I wouldn’t have met J and had this beautiful life and family.  Every decision we’ve made in our lives has gotten us exactly where we are today.  I told him, I have no regrets and I’m so thankful for life now because of how challenging life was then.  Just like I wrote in my senior caption for the college yearbook (that I took from the movie Vanilla Sky) “The sweet just ain’t as sweet without the sour.”

So J starts his new job and Gabe will go to daycare starting tomorrow.  I haven’t been feeling well so I’ve gone thru multiple (and I mean multiple) tests at the doctors and we still haven’t pinpointed the root cause, so…. I’ve been taking a break from running (sad face) and working out, and all I do is walk and chase G-man (which is still a workout!)

For you recipe-seekers, I’m gonna start posting a lot more of them.  Most of them are family recipes, found in a magazine, or recommended by friends.  This one is a real time saver: I made a double batch of freezer burritos yesterday.  They are quick to make, you freeze them, and then when you don’t feel like cooking or need a quick snack/meal, you pop it in the microwave for 3 min and BAM, instant delish and healthy dinner!

Last night I made my quick ‘n’ easy guacamole:

1 ripe avacado + a few bits of onion (~ 1 T.) + lemon or lime juice (~ 1 T.).  I leave out cilantro and I think it’s just as good.  Add some Tostitos and a Coronita (a super cute 7 oz mini-Corona) and you’ll be in good shape 😉

Gabe got his first haircut yesterday at this old-fashioned barber shop in town.  He sat still for a few minutes…

Then decided he didn’t like this anymore!

But afterwards, he was fine.  And his hair is mostly even, haha!

Gabe got 3 shots the other day in preparation for daycare.  He’s 24.5 lbs these days, is 60th %ile for weight, 70th %ile for height, and his noggin is 80th %ile (down from 90th 2 months ago!)  So he’s growing into his head 🙂  The Dr. told J that we should ditch the bottles (which I know many of you have already told me) so I let go and Gabe’s a sippy-cup guy now–altho he doesn’t drink nearly as much.  I guess that could be a good thing.  The pediatrician also told J that Gabe should be sleeping thru the night.  Yep, tell me something I don’t know!

That night (Friday), I let Gabe cry it out for the first time.  I didn’t rush in, there was no middle-of-the-night bottle, we just shut his door and ours.  Yep, I know, brutal.  I think he probably whined/fussed/cried for about an hour.  And at 7 AM, he was crying again (not his usual happy wake-up at all).  The shots probably didn’t help, nor did taking away his comfort object, the bottle.  Yesterday was rough with a very, very whiny baby who only took one good nap and whined/shrieked/threw tantrums the rest of the day.  But the stars aligned again! and thankfullyhe slept thru the night last night.  I think I heard him once, but that was it.  And he slept in til almost 8 AM, unheard of in this house for the past several months.  So I’m really hoping that the trend can continue.  We still give him the sippy cup for naps and bedtime, which I don’t like, but the bottle and binkies are gone, so we are making progress.  And it felt sooooo wonderful to not have to get out of bed til morning!

Lil stinker sure is cute though… Can you blame me for wanting to stop his cries?  I just love his bright, smiling face 🙂

Til next time!  Happy Sunday funday!!

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