{Rainy} Sunday funday

This post is from last Sunday, I just didn’t make the time to write it.  And it’s mostly pictures!  Let’s face it, when you’re a momma, you’re busy.  And short on energy.  Wish I could borrow about 10% of Gabe’s energy!

Anyways, last Sunday it rained.  Almost all day.  What to do?

Watch Momma out the window, feeding the cats.  It certainly was wet!

We could play with toys…

…but playing with toys is only fun for so long.

How about we practice our climbing stairs skills?

We read books… lots of books 🙂

Took a lil break to suck on a drumstick (when will this child stop sucking on things?)

Played in Gabe’s room… it’s an active boy’s room, for sure.

Then Daddy came for some wrestling!finally, the rained stopped and we could go outside for a walk (no puddle jumping for us yet, we don’t have boots for Gabe!)

Gabe LOVES being outside, and loves anything with wheels.  So I let him walk himself–push the stroller and I follow along.  He was very intrigued by this stop sign too 😉

We even managed to go for a run before dinner.  Again, Gabe loves this, except when Momma stops.  Then it’s no fun anymore!

We were fortunate it didn’t rain on us again.  I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t go far from home!

Hope your Sunday was a funday too!

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