Easter Egg Huntin’!

A friend of mine from work had an early Easter egg hunt this past weekend.  What a great time!  I was surprised that Gabe actually listened that you put eggs in the basket.  He kept wanting to run into the street, then he found an old scooter and wanted to play with that, but he seemed to enjoy himself in between the tantrums (anyone else suddenly have a 1-year-old throwing fits?  G-man’s are awesome: kicking, screaming, pinching, pulling hair, the whole 9 yards)

Afterwards G was so tired he fell asleep in the high chair, a first for him! (Didn’t get a pic tho, J insisted I get him into the crib ASAP)

Daycare is going pretty well.  He went a few days where he didn’t want to eat or nap, but he seems to be settling in fine now (this is week 2).  He still cries when I leave, which sucks, but I’m hopeful that someday he’ll just give me a hug and kiss and wave (or say) bye-bye Mommy.  But for now, one of the highlights of my day is picking him up.  I walk in and say “Hi Gabriel” and he instantly lights up and comes running for to give me a hug.  He is one sweet boy 🙂

Gabe’s finally sleeping thru the night too.  I stay with him til he falls asleep (something that I’m going to phase out this week), and if he’s woken up in the last nights, I haven’t heard him.  This morning he got up super early, but usually it’s 6:30 or 7, which is perfect since we have to leave a little past 7 to get to daycare.  J and I took turns sleeping in this past weekend, so I got 10 glorious hours of consecutive sleep on Sunday!  AND one of my best girlfriends visited, so it was an awesome weekend!

Aaaaand I’m spent!  Goodnight!!

My what lovely eggs you have Gabe

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