Feelin’ Groovy–An Ode to Running & Craftiness

A month ago today, I had a little incident at work.  I passed out randomly and suddenly.  And in the last month, after seeing the doc about 4 times, we’ve discovered…. nothing.  Not one clue to what could have caused it.  Doesn’t matter now though, I’m (Finally!) feeling *mostly* better and *knock on wood* hopefully continuing on a road to recovery.  I had all but stopped working out, which sucked.  I love the feeling that comes with being able to move my body.  It makes me feel alive, clears my head, and keeps me sane and feeling good.  Hence, the title “feelin’ groovy” but more on that in a bit.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about baby #2 (yep this is gonna be a very honest blog).  Gabriel is 15 months on Monday and I have never wanted just an only child.  So perhaps sometime in the upcoming year, there will be a baby #2 on the way.  I hope for a girl, but a little brother for Gabe wouldn’t be half-bad either 🙂  I just know that I want another baby, and with so many prego friends (hello, BZ!)  I can’t help but miss it.  The life growing inside me, the kicks, the wondering at who this precious child will be, how she or he will look and act and… you get my point.  So I really want to be healthy before going into another pregnancy.  The healthiest I ever felt in my life was when I really started running in fall of 2008 in Iraq: Image

then again in spring 2010, when I ran my best half-marathon in 1:57:08 with a little budding Gabriel in my belly. Image

I had signed up for the Berlin marathon for that Sept, only to DNS (did-not-start, as opposed to DNF, did-not-finish).  That was extremely disappointing, to have trained for months, spent the time and money for that race, only to cancel due to pregnancy–which was a good reason, don’t get me wrong.

But now I’m back to wondering… can I run a marathon before getting prego again?  I really, really want to… but I’m letting self-doubt hold me back.  What about injuries?  Time commitment?  The heat?  Can I really push my body through 26.2 miles?  I know many of my friends have, and they tell me if they can, I can too… there comes a point when your body just won’t go any further though!  My longest run ever was 15 miles (and I was 15 weeks prego and didn’t know it… Ha!)  and that was brutal, so I can only imagine tacking on 9 more.  Oops, I mean 11 more…. Wow.  Although… I did manage to do OK in the Disney Princess half in Feb with limited training.  Image

And now I have time on my side to train.

I really want to do this.  I want to make a commitment to you all, and then see it thru, and DO IT.  I’m worried about life cropping up to ruin my plans.  I hate saying I’m going to do something, and come to find out, I can’t.  It feels like failing, even if for good reason.  I know I’m going on and on here, so I’m gonna stop, and stew over it for a few more days/weeks.  This is a goal that I’ve wanted to accomplish for long time though.  Should I just go for it?!?!

Welp, enough about me.  Gabe just finished week 3 at daycare.  Besides a few small things, it’s going well.  He now has 4 molars, and several incisors barely breaking thru.  He also has a pretty gross runny nose complete with long green boogers in the morning (mmm, bet you’re ready for breakfast now huh?!)  J’s new job is going good too, but with both of us working, it feels like we are extra busy, and extra tired too.  No more clean house!  haha.  Gabe’s talking seems to have slowed but his walking has picked up to a run!  Who knows what is next with this little guy 😉

Last weekend my parents came down and we had a great time!  We ended up being so fortunate as to catch a craft fair / Indie market right here in K’ville!  Everything was so darn cute, I wanted to buy it all!!Image

Check out these sweet vendors!ImageSandi Glass Creations, by Sandra Johnson, made this awesome mosaic stool (above) and birdhouse (below).  Good Memories Cafe, by Elizabeth Maurice, made this sweet owl pillow (that I may or may  not have purchased for my owl-loving friend RB!)

ImageImageLeft: Sandi Glass Creations; Right: Bead Yourself, by Sue Gleiter, tgleiter@aol.com


Lamp, bottles, quilts, and pillows by What’s the Stitch, Melanie Woodham.

ImageImageImageImageImageI felt like I had stepped into the world of my fave blogger, Kelle Hampton!

And right next door is the K’ville Botanical gardens… where Gabe fell asleep!


I hope you are Feelin’ Groovy this weekend too!!!

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4 Responses to Feelin’ Groovy–An Ode to Running & Craftiness

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  2. Kara says:

    You can do it Vanessa. You’ve always been the most motivated and persistent person that I know. You can do anything that you put your mind to. Why do I know this? Because you’ve done it before. Again and again. Nothing can stop you now.

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