A Quick Day in the Life of a Momma

Monday nights are my nights. J has school and is gone for a good 4+ hours. Plenty of “me” time right? Well, if you’re a parent, you probably just said to yourself “Wrong” haha. I always meant to do a “day in the life” when I was a SAHM, but now that I’m a working momma, it’s still busy, just more “adult work” and less “child work.” But work is work. Sometimes enjoyable, oftentimes not. A friend recently complimented me on all the things I’ve got “going on”… the next day (by coincidence?) was the day I passed out. So life can get overwhelming, even for those who have it “going on.” I’m not going to bore you with all the details, but let’s just say getting out the door in the morning is a task.

Why, you ask?  Fellow mommas know: just getting this lil one (or two or three or however many you’re blessed with!) DRESSED can be a task.  Gabriel loves to wiggle, jump up, and generally make it difficult just to change his diaper and get dressed.  Then he is demanding when I don’t have his eggs for him RIGHT. NOW.  Then he wiggles some more for his shoes–sometimes I just put them on when he’s still strapped in the high chair–and some more wiggling for the sweatshirt or coat.  So just feeding and changing him, and feeding and dressing myself, is a challenge in the morning. I’m usually hot and sweaty by the time we buckle up and get down the road. Oh, not to mention he likes to kick and arch his back when I go to strap in the car seat.  Fun, huh?!

Dropping him off is really fun too (*not*).  This is week 4 and he continues to cry, altho less and less, daily when I go to leave.  After that, my day is “smooth sailing”–doing all the things associated with the job is a breeze compared to tantrums, snotty noses (yep forgot to mention that I wiped his nose a good ten times this morning alone, no exaggeration!), getting into everything, etc.  I’m telling you, being a parent is no joke!

One of the best moments of my day is picking Gabe up from daycare.  He stops whatever he’s doing and runs to me and gives me a big hug!  Today he even rested his head on my shoulder, something he hasn’t done since he was teeny.  And today my big boy is 15 months old.  My the time passes… I think I’ve said that before.  Ahh yes, almost a year ago today!

So we played outside, had dinner, played and read, took a bath, and down for bed by 7:30.  Took him 5 min of crying to fall asleep (he only cries if I’m putting him down, anyone else and he goes right to sleep! Any other mommas have this problem?)  And I’m happy to report, this is week 2 (or 3?) of Gabe sleeping thru the night.  I’m talking 7:30 until 7 or at least 6:30, and I’m so thrilled/happy/rested/relieved.  Who knew sleep could be such a huge issue?  Oh and no sippy cup in the crib anymore either.  Thank God for progress!

I had plenty of blog topics today but didn’t write them down, and everything (packing lunches, watering flowers, doing laundry, paying bills, talking on the phone) got in the way of me blogging tonight.  So it isn’t profound, but this is it for today.

Highlights of the past week:
* Took Gabe swimming for the first time (see below).  He liked it for about 10 min, then was done.  It was still very special and fun to share with my little family ❤

* Ran 2 miles towards my goal today!

* Gabe continues to understand more and more, and want to help more and more (mop, sweep, water flowers… so cute!)

* Work is going so well and I continue to be thankful for this job!

Have a wonderful middle of April day and week!  Enjoy every moment 🙂

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