Stumblin’ Blocks

Do you ever feel like you’ve made progress, only to then go backwards?  I’m sick again and it’s really messing with me… how could I be sick so much in such a short time?  Moving to NC was such a blessing, I suppose there has to be a few bumps along the way.  Being sick means less energy to work out, but I ran today… probably not the right idea, but it was only 3 miles anyway.  In the rain.  Take that, sickness 😛

Today was another rainy Sunday.  Not exactly fun like the last one since I spent half of it in bed.  I have a new fave book that my friend JL recommended called “Born to Run.”  It’s (obviously) about running and I love it so far, about halfway done.  I did a good deal of reading in bed today since my throat hurt and body ached.  It was nice to relax, looking on the bright side 🙂

Gabe has had a snotty nose for the last 3 weeks, which makes me wonder if that is a typical by-product of daycare, or if I should take him to the doc to see if it’s something more??  Any thoughts?  (come to think of it, is me being sick a by-product of me working now–coming into contact with more people, and/or stress??)

He’s got 8 teeth on the bottom now (!!) and 6 on top… this boy is growing so fast.  Gabe was talkin’ up a storm this weekend.  Not much I can make out, except he does say “Thank you” in his own lil Gabe language.  It’s super cute.  I can also tell he is understanding more, so I try to narrate our days to him.  Before I know it, he’ll have outgrown all his 12 month stuff (some of it still fits now) and be even taller, and even thinner.  I’m so glad I take pics at least once a week–every Sunday!  Here’s a snippet of our day:

Oh, and a final sleep update in case you’ve been wondering.  We nixed the bottle a month ago, and the binky was gone a week or two before that.  Gabe still cried in the crib so I was laying next to the crib til he fell asleep.  He had this 6th sense where he’d wake up when I left.  So it was frustrating but better than listening to him cry.  Well, I figured out it was a “mommy issue” aka separation or something along those lines.  Why?  Because he went to sleep without a fuss when my parents were here.  So we started having J lay him down every night and *presto* problem solved!  He still cries for a minute every few nights but it’s such a relief to not have that stress on me.  Hearing him cry is tough on this momma.  I know I should be used to it and accept it as part of life, but when he cries it means he’s not happy, and I hate thinking of him crying himself to sleep!  But now we are good 🙂  Finally right?!  That was a HUGE stumbling block for such a long time but we overcame it.

Have a wonderful week and don’t let the stumbling blocks get you down! You can overcome them!

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4 Responses to Stumblin’ Blocks

  1. nursebecca says:

    Hey momma! Yes, it’s normal for you and Gabe to be sick if you’re coming into contact with people more now (esp Gabe!). But … Maybe you’re developing an allergy to something in NC? Are you getting sinus infections or sore throats? Runny nose? Just a thought – I’m not licensed yet, so what do I know?! 🙂 🙂 Good reading, as always!!

  2. nursebecca says:

    Hiya Momma! It’s totally normal to get sick repeatedly if you’re coming into contact with more people, more often. It’s especially normal for Gabe, too! Have you thought about the possibility that you’re developing allergies to something in NC? Are you getting sinus infections, sore throats, or a runny nose? Just a thought – I’m not licensed yet, so what do I know 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good reading as always, and stay well!!

  3. nursebecca says:

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the first comment went through until I replied a 2nd time!

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