“Thank You” {Forever Grateful}

Tonight lil G-man said “thank you”–in his own lil G-man way of saying it of course.
I had given him a cracker, and there it was: “thank you” in that sweet, innocent baby voice. He said it over the weekend too, to J, but this was the first time to me. I’m big on manners (aren’t we all, moms?) so this just touched me. After all, I hope that I’m setting a good example for him by thanking him for kisses, hugs, anything he gives me (dirt! a half chewed bite! stale food from the floor!), anytime he does something good, I thank him. But Lord knows I also swear, and have road rage on occasion…. so I’m glad he caught on to the good stuff 😉
I had the opportunity to work with a very unique person when I first started my job in Jan/Feb. I’ll call him Max. He was a pro in our career field and now enjoys the retired life. One of the various lessons he taught me was the power of thank you. People need to feel valued and appreciated, so I make sure to be a prolific thank-you-er. It makes me feel good to do something for someone, and get a hearty “thank you” in return. That makes it all worth it! (and on the contrary, to do something good and not hear anything in return… makes me a bit of a grouchy panda… but I digress)

One of the things I do when I’m having a bad day, or just want to whine and complain that something isn’t going the way I want it to, is to change my attitude to one of gratefulness.  I’m so, so grateful for my family and friends, and everything God has blessed us with.

Tomorrow, let’s do something nice for someone.  Not just to hear a thank you (altho hopefully we will!) but to brighten their day, if only for a bit 😉  I’m even adding a “power of thanks” category so I can remember to pass on what I find here.  OH, that reminds me, last week when I was having a crummy day, I thought “Let me use the power of positive thinking to turn my day around.”  And it didn’t happen immediately, but shortly, a co-worker came to my desk and brought me cookies!  He and his church give cookies (and thanks!) to returning sailors coming into port from deployments.  He found out J and I served and brought us cookies 🙂  Another day last week, I ran into a new co-worker, we got to talking, and she offered me her last muffin from this amazing bakery that I fully plan on visiting soon!  So I am now convinced–if not for anything but these kind co-workers and their delish treats–that positive thinking really does work!!

Thankful for the small things... even a pinch of dirt 😉

I best be off… I have to go write some thank-you’s (for real!)  G’night!

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