Day 1 Fun… and Frustration

Ok, so one day down on this 10 day challenge, 9 to go!  How am I feeling?  Like I haven’t eaten as much as I usually do! lol  No seriously, I am feeling healthier.  The only sugar to cross my lips today was in the form of 2 dark chocolate squares (20 cal each) and a few chocolate-covered soy nuts that are part of my Planter’s Energy Mix.  But let’s start at the beginning:

Breakfast: I chose Shakeology for my breakfast because I could drink it straight-away, without having to refrigerate at work.  I did the Chocolate-covered strawberries recipe that I mentioned yesterday, and it was really good–at first.  I couldn’t taste the strawberries much if at all, but hey, at least they were in there for a dose of Vit. C and fiber!  I drank 1.5 cups at home (and seeing how I wasn’t eating any food, my sweet son fed me a bite of his eggs and toast, which I ate.  I’m trying to encourage him to share, and while I like to follow a plan, I figure some small straying is OK.  Being too rigid reminds me of being in the Army).  Anyways, I got to work and was feeling faint.  This has happened many times in the past few months, and all I can get from a Dr. that is remotely helpful is “some people are just more inclined to faint.”  Well, that’s unacceptable to me.  I have a job to do, not to mention a family to take care of!  So I emailed Lindsey and she said to go ahead and have a snack (just in case it’s low blood sugar).  I had a bit of trail mix and felt much better!  I sort of choked down the last 1/2 cup of my shake.  It just didn’t taste good at the end.  But by that time it was time for…

AM Snack: A cup of veggies (carrots, broccoli, and cucumber) with maybe 2 T. of hummus (I’m not real big on measuring).  Delish!  I think I found a good substitute for dressing.  Hummus is so tasty, low cal, and pretty sure it has fiber and some other good stuff in it.

At 11:30, I leave for my lunchtime workout.  BTW, I drank a cup of cappucino (no sugar) to get me awake, and 3 cups of water in the morning, not counting the water and ice in the Shake.  So at lunch I felt slightly hungry, but not low on energy.  I rode 2 miles on the bike then did some semi-intense CrossFit.  I chose not to ramp up the intensity because I ran 5 miles yesterday at a good clip, so I wanted to rest my legs a bit.  But arms and back I did, and I felt great afterwards–just famished!  (Lindsey also mentioned I could increase my portions, which I will do tomorrow and from now on–I guess I do have a semi-fast metabolism).

Back at work, and heated up my lunch, the Chicken Quesadilla I whipped up before waking Gabe up.  My friend AW had mentioned preparing snacks early as a key part of her success, so I woke up 10 min earlier, didn’t have to rush, and made my lunch.  I already had the tomatos and chicken sliced, so I put those on a whole wheat tortilla with some taco seasoning, mixed greens, and salsa.  I didn’t have taco cheese, so I grabbed a Baby-Bel light and it was just as good!  I was pretty full after lunch but got hungry again quickly.  I was counting down to…

PM Snack: an apple with 1 T. peanut butter.  The apple was very small, so I supplemented with a few almonds and those chocolate squares I mentioned earlier.  Not bad at all!  I downed 3-4 more cups of water this afternoon before leaving work.  Picked up G-man and headed home for…

Dinner: I had a few revelations at dinner today, which was awesome!  1. You can have a great dinner prepared in less than 10 minutes.  How?  Cook your meat over the weekend, then reheat.  My wonderful hubs grilled the 5 oz steak for me yesterday and it was still delish today!  2. You can microwave a potato for approx. 6 min, and it will be good to go! 3. Steam veggies (broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower were my choices because I had them on hand) for roughly 8-10 and they’ll be ready to eat.  Yum!  I had a bit of A-1 sauce with my meat, and a dab of I-Can’t-Believe-it’s-not-Butter on my potato.  It ended up being more food than I could handle–I tried sharing with Gabe and he didn’t want any of it.  He goes from picky to ravenous on a daily basis.  I’m just glad when anything healthy passes that boy’s lips.

Now, there’s no plan for a post-dinner snack, but I might have one.  I ate dinner at 5, and won’t go to bed for at least another hour.  I’m not going to be in bed with a grumbly stomach–nothing worse than going hungry, except maybe to be cold/hot, dirty, AND hungry (another Army reference!)  My tentative idea is a Greek yogurt, 120 cal.  Should be OK!

So what I’ve learned after day 1, besides the quick cooking tips I shared: a little planning goes a long way.  All I had to do was select what I was going to eat beforehand, make sure I had the ingredients and they are prepared, and stick to it!  This goes right along with one of my favorite sayings: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  A ounce of my time–maybe 20-30 minutes a day–is surely worth the “pound of cure”, the health benefits of feeling good both physically and emotionally, and the ability to excel in running again.

I’m not going to type out what’s on deck for tomorrow, but know that I have a plan and I’m sticking to it!  Thanks Lindsey for the motivation and support, and to my dear husband for his support as well.  He sent me a text “Beach body ready soon!” meaning both of us will be ready to show off our hard work soon!  Yes baby we will 🙂

Til next time…  Here’s a pic of Gabe from yesterday!  My before pic *might* be coming soon.  Not sure yet if I’m gutsy enough to post it!

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