Days 2 & 3 Struggles

Well friends, I was off to a good start and then… I got sick.  Yep, again.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my body just cannot fight North Carolina germs, or doesn’t find the air quality here acceptable.  Something!  As I mentioned in this post and this post, it’s tough be on top of your game when you aren’t feeling good.  But no worries, I’m not giving up yet!!

A quick recap of yesterday: I had the quick breakfast (toast, low fat cream cheese, 2 slices of turkey bacon, and 2 slices of tomato).  Yummy but not filling enough.  Supplemented with a bite of Gabe’s eggs (he’s a good share-er!) and some almonds once I got to work.  Yogurt and apple with peanut butter were my snacks and those continue to do well for me.  The kicker came at lunch: After running 2 miles that felt pretty good (some soreness from Sunday’s long run still there, but had a nice 200m sprint at the end without being winded), I had my greenberry shake.  All I can say is that one is NOT my fave.  I had blended it with blueberries and 1/4 cup OJ, but still… yikes.  It took me an hour to get that down.  Too bad I didn’t have it today, when I can’t taste much!  My dinner last night was the chicken fajitas, and I had a new approach.  I had a 3rd snack when Gabe at his dinner, then ate my dinner after Gabe went to bed, 2 hours before my bedtime.  MUCH better in terms of being satisfied, and I wasn’t ravenous when I woke up today either.

And lo and behold, down another 1/2 lb!  So in 2 days, down 1.5!  Nice!!  I don’t even feel like I’m going hungry or doing that much out of the ordinary.  Just watching portions, having much less carbs and sugar, and being more conscious of what’s going into my body.  Good deal!!

Now today… I had sneezed a bunch last night so I knew it was coming and sure enough–congestion like crazy today.  Been blowing my nose, had a huge headache, not fun at all.  I would have thought all the vitamins in the Shakeology would have prevented this?!  It’s ok though.  I did good for being sick: had an egg with avocado and tomato on a pita for b-fast, and brought my shake for lunch.  Then I got a lunch invite with co-workers so I did the best I could.  We ate at a Hibachi place and I had some veggies, some noodles, some sushi, some fruit, and a donut (yes that was definitely a cheat… it was small tho… and calling my name, in my defense).  In hindsight, I could have had meat and veggies only, but hey–this is a learning experience after all.

My plans were further sidetracked by rain.  My 30 min of cardio was supposed to be a bike ride with G-man, but not when it’s raining and slippery.  So I didn’t do cardio 😦  I almost did push-ups and abs and other CrossFit type stuff at home, but my head is just killing me.  I hope with the help of some Netti Pot and a good night’s sleep, I’ll be better tomorrow.  However, tomorrow is a business trip so I’ll have to eat lunch out.  I will be packing my snacks, and having my shake for dinner like I did tonight (chocolate with 1 T. peanut butter = awesome!  or maybe it was awesome cuz I couldn’t taste much! lol)  I’ll just have to make the healthiest choices I can.

My training partner V says it’s going well for her too.  She’s doing P90X as her workouts, and hasn’t jumped on the scale yet but I suspect she’ll see results as I have.  Neither of us has a ton of weight to lose, but we both want to tone up, lose a bit of fat, and look great in bikinis this summer!  I’m already feeling better about myself, just from the waist down I know I have at least 5 lbs of flab that I wouldn’t mind saying BYE to forever.  My sneeze and dripping nose just reminded me to stop rambling and get to winding down for bed.  I hope the other ladies doing the challenge are seeing success, but if you struggling a bit, know you’re not alone.  The fight isn’t won in one day.  It took more than a day to get to where we are, and it will take more than a day to get to where we want to be.  Never give up!

This is me 4 years ago.  The jeans I’m wearing are from high school.  I still have them… and at the end of this challenge, I’m gonna try them!  I weighed about what I do right now in this pic, but my body composition was much different–much more muscle than I have now!

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One Response to Days 2 & 3 Struggles

  1. Brittney says:

    Vanessa – You are so athletic and smart and an awesome, beautiful mommy to precious Gabe! Our bodies changed after giving birth – I’m like, where did these hips come from??? But I have started to substitute a meal with a smoothie. Your green machine smoothie sounds awful – but I must say, bananas are very healthy and filling! I make a smoothie using 1 banana, 1/2 cup yogurt (i use vanilla), 1 1/4 cup OJ, 1/2 c frozen fruit (mixed berries), an 1 tbsp. sugar (optional). I find that it really does get me to that next meal or snack! I hope this is helpful! You are doing awesome!

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