Days 4-7 & Mother’s Day

Hello there.  I’ve been pretty MIA these past few days.  When did life become so incredibly busy?  Ah yes when the lil munchkin man was born 🙂  While he’s the biggest blessing in my life, he’s also the reason that I have no time and/or energy for things like blogging, watching TV, or reading.  But I do have a heck of a photo collection of him, some beautiful memories, and most importantly, a very sweet and mischievous little boy who’s growing up so fast!

For the Fitness Challenge, days 4-7 presented challenges, mostly in the form of eating out, giving into a few temptations, and not planning ahead.  My snacks are on track, the shakes are good to go (minus some of the flavors!), but I just feel like I’m cheating if I eat a few of Gabe’s crackers, or drink my first Diet Cheerwine (a local pop/soda).  No one’s perfect so I’m trying not to be too hard on myself.  I’m also trying not to let myself go hungry.  I’ve had to beef up my portions just to feel full.  Otherwise, I’ve done my cardio on all days but a few (my run total was 8.6 miles this week, the largest in a very long time!) and I’m down a few pounds.  My energy is up and I’m enjoying learning new recipes.  I also must say that I never knew drinking extra water could make such a difference, but it has!  I’ve felt great on every single workout.  So it’s not all about pounds or inches lost for me, but more about how I feel.  Energy has been tough for me to find since Gabe was born, and I feel like it’s coming back now!  Awesome 🙂

Yesterday I did a 5K with V in honor of a very sweet little boy who goes to her church.  Jogging for Jonah raised money to find a cure for EB.  Jonah is 3 years old and full of life, but also struggles with pain from his disease.  His big brother was stillborn at 37 weeks, and also had EB.  I cried reading this on the information board at the race yesterday.  It just hurts my heart so badly to think of a child in pain.  Lately I’ve been so emotional when it comes to children.  I guess that’s how it is as a mom.  Here we are with Jonah (he was such a sport, we took about 10 pictures and for each one he’d go “cheeeeeeeeeese!”  what a cutie!)

Jonah–We hope to find a cure for EB for you!!

Tomorrow starts Gabriel’s new daycare (with webcam!) and this week he’ll be 16 months old.  Creeping closer to the 18 month mark.  Wearing some 24 month clothes.  He’s been mimicking us a lot more, be it gestures or words.  This week was a lot of “Kitty Cat” and “Outside” and “What?”  G-man can bring you something you ask for, as well as put something back where it goes (thank God, the messes will clean themselves up more now! haha)  He will give me kisses when he isn’t too busy, and loves having “joosh” and crackers for a snack.  His picky eating has been bugging me lately but I’m hoping it will pass.  And with nearly 16 teeth he can actually chew his food well instead of swallowing it whole (hello beans and corn… gross, but you fellow mommies know where I’m coming from!)

I hope to take Gabe to the beach in a few weeks, and to Ben & Jerry’s next month while we’re in Vermont for his first ice cream cone.  It’s the little things that are so fun to look forward to 🙂

The day my boy came into this world:

Birth day!

and today:

Momma’s boy

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