Days 8-10, Results, and Gabe’s 16 months

I hope I haven’t kept you in suspense about the results of my 10 day challenge.  It’s been a busy week, and a rough day, and it’s almost 9 PM and I’m finally blogging.

First, the numbers.  I weighed in 2.5 lbs less than 10 days ago.  I haven’t taken my measurements yet, but I’d guess I’m a bit smaller than before.  The numbers don’t matter much to me surprisingly, because of the way I’m feeling.  I’m feeling pretty freakin’ awesome.  Despite the allergies, and energy-draining 1-year-old, I feel so. stinkin. GOOD.  I must admit, I was not a believer at the beginning of this challenge.  That’s part of the reason I signed up in the first place.  Let’s see if this is really legit, I thought.  And at first, the shakes tasted bad, I felt hungry, and it seemed a large portion of my day was spent planning meals and working out.

Now, ten days later, I’m a believer.  The Shakeology taste grew on me, perhaps because the way I felt after drinking it was so incredible.  No more afternoon sleepies.  I’d have energy all the way up til bedtime–uh-huh that’s right 😉  My temper was more even (cuz Lord knows lil man knows how to set me off!  “Gabriel, NO BANGING THE CABINET DOOR AGAINST THE OVEN!  YOU’RE GOING TO BREAK IT!” Yep, sadly that really happened.)  Well, there might have been some of that, but really, it was awesome to have so much energy, especially in the 2nd part of the day.  2.5 lbs may not seem like a lot, but to me, it’s some long-awaiting PROGRESS.  My scale has been stuck for months, and it finally budged!

My workouts have improved as well, and now after 10 days of shakes, I find myself wanting more shakes.  These lil buggers are pricey, but I’ve come to find, worth it.  And I can’t say enough good stuff about my coach, Lindsey.  The girl’s got it going on.  The recipes she sent were awesome, and I haven’t even tried them all yet.  I told her I was pretty busy and not wanting to spend lots of time cooking, and she delivered.  Most recipes are quick and easy, and they actually taste GOOD which surprised me.  Eating healthy can taste better than eating unhealthy!  Who woulda thought?!

So to stop rambling, cuz yes a few of us still watch Grey’s Anatomy, even tho it’s getting so OLD, haha, I’d recommend both Lindsey as a Beach Body coach and Shakeology as part of your diet.  Both have helped me immensely to have a new, healthy outlook on my body & fitness.  Cuz when you feel good, good things happen to you!! 🙂  And I will have some pics of my results soon, just didn’t feel like pics tonight–had to take kitty to the vet and it was stressful… I brought Gabe with, BAD idea.

Here’s some info if you interested in doing the same challenge next month (it’s easy, you get the shakes in the mail, the recipes via email, and the motivation from the rest of the ladies doing the challenge via Facebook!)

And now for Gabe’s 16 months.  We didn’t do anything special, but he did have school pics (daycare pics?) and they turned out so cute!  Guess I’m not the only one who can get him to smile for the camera… oh maybe he’s so used to it that he’s good at it 🙂  LOL!  His first week at the new daycare is going SO well.  We finally found The One.  I can see him staying there until kindergarten which is exactly what I was hoping for.  And the best part is being able to watch him on the webcam during my workday… Amazing peace of mind!

I don’t have many Gabe stories from the past few days.  He is listening a lot more, and understands that we clear the table after meals (he brought over his bag of crackers to help! so cute)  He’s on day 5 of his meds for the ear infection Friday and seems to be doing fine, except the darn runny nose just won’t stop.  But he gives me hugs and kisses daily, and that’s what this momma LOVES.  Like I tell Gabriel every day on the way to daycare “Momma loves Gabriel thissss much!”

And with that, I wish you a wonderful night! (or day)

This is Gabe last May…

and this May!

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