Looking Forward & Loving It

I was already thinking this theme would be “looking forward” then I saw a friend’s post that said “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” So true… it’s funny, because I have about 20 random flashbacks every day. J and I have been so many places and done so many cool things, that a lot of times it’s just from a trip or a meal we shared. Other times, I have strange dreams of West Point or even high school, but I wake up and reflect back on those times too. What I try not to do is dwell on the past–mistakes, regrets, “I-wish-I-hadn’t-done-that”–yeah, kick those to the curb. Learn from it, and move on.
Like with Gabe’s sleep, for example. Gosh, how many months did I willingly get up not once, but several times a night?!  I could have fixed that situation, and gotten TONS more sleep so much sooner, but I didn’t.. Oh well, right?  The next baby will  be sleeping thru the night after a month! (ha, yeah probably wishful thinking, but we’ll see?!)

I’ve had a lot of good karma going lately, and therefore good things have happened and there’s so much to look forward to.  For example: 2 friends getting married (and who doesn’t love a wedding?!  Friends/family, food, drinks, playing dress up–not to mention photography!) and lucky me! They asked me to take pics for them 🙂  And then my big bro is getting married too!!!  So looking forward to all 3 of these events!

Hmm what else… my “vacation” which is actually a grad week culminating in my graduation/MBA next week, in gorgeous Vermont!  I’ve been looking to that for, oh, about 2.5 years!  All the papers, discussions, conference calls, reading… all gonna pay off!  Well really they already have, because I got this job, that most days I absolutely love.  And if I going to be away from my baby all day, I am so thankful to be able to say that I love what I do.  After I gave up on the photography as a full-time thing, I wasn’t sure I’d find something to do (that would pay well) that I love… and thank the Lord, I did!  More good karma right?!

And lastly, something else to look forward to… I’m going to sign up for my first marathon.  Tonight.  Right after I post this.  So my next post should say “I’m doing the City of Oaks (Raleigh) marathon on Nov 4th, come hell or high water!”  I can do this.  I’ve done 8 weeks of building a base–albeit a small base, averaging 10 miles or less a week.  Today was National running day and I had no idea… I did CrossFit at lunch!  Oh well, tomorrow is a run day, and I look forward to it now.  The painful part–you know, where you can’t breathe, your legs and/or whole body hurts–yeah that’s finally behind me!  This past weekend I did a 7 mile loop around the local lake and it felt pretty darn awesome for most of it (except for peeing in the woods, for some reason, that’s never awesome… and it always seems to happen to me!)

So a quick Gabe update: we buzzed his hair!  So short, and I miss the curls, but great for summer!  He’s throwing less tantrums, saying more words (shower, bath, ball, books, and is very very good at saying bye-bye, while waving with one hand not two anymore!)  He throws less food on the floor while eating, and even uses utensils on occasion.  G-man listens, when you ask him to pick up a ball/toothbrush/cup/magnet whatever it may be, he does it 9 times out of 10.  And body parts–this kid rocks it.  He points to all the ones I ask, and the only ones that trip him up are fingers and eyes.  But hair/head/face/ears/nose/teeth/belly/pee-pee (his fave, lol)/legs/feet/toes, he’s got them down!  SO amazing to see what a small person can accomplish in less than 17 months of living and learning.  And even more incredible to think that J and I created him.  There really isn’t much more than the love we have for our babies, is there?  (and pets are included in that!)

Lastly, an update on the Shakeology/fitness challenge from before.  I went a week or two with no Shakes and wanted them so bad again that friend V and I got more!  I’ve had 3-4 days worth now, and feeling pretty great.  I even lost another pound!  So I’m like 2 lbs away from goal weight (!!) and 4 away from the ultimate-I-haven’t-weighed-this-little-in-8-years weight.  So that would be really freakin’ sweet.  I think if I keep up the healthy eating, Shakes, and running, it’s gonna happen.  My clothes fit great, but most importantly, I feel great about myself.  Swimsuit season is upon us and I’m not too embarrassed this time! 😉  If you need help with heading in a new healthier direction, I can steer you towards my friend Lindsay–she is a fantastic coach!

Well, I’ll quit rambling and call it a night.  Here’s some pics from Sunday!

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