Breath of Fresh Air

[Note: This is from Tuesday last week but the wi-fi wasn’t cooperating with me posting]

I’m on a little adventure this week.  Don’t we all need a break from our ordinary lives, the status quo, the hum-drum of work, laundry, dishes, lunches, etc etc?! I think so! This week is Residency Week for me and my fellow grad students. While I finished my degree in Nov (course-work-wise), this is the culmination of 2 years of papers, discussions, projects, and tests. At first I thought, man this is going to be a pain in the butt to fly to VT and be away from family for a week, not to mention having to take 5 days of work off. But I realized, optimism is always the best route, and I made up my mind to have a little adventure, like my favorite blogger.

Some highlights of my ‘adventure’ thus far:

  • Flying into Laguardia and being on the left side of the plane.  I had a seat in the row of 1, but more awesomely, a view of NYC.  I saw the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, which brought back memories of a trip taken there in May of ’04 (the end of plebe year!)  I saw the gap where the World Trade Center used to be, the Empire State building—which I visited with friends in Nov. ’06 I do believe, and Central Park, where I did a rainy run with JC once upon a time in May ’06.  It’s not that NYC was my old home or anything, but I do have quite a few fond memories there.  And just 50 miles or so up the river is a place I do consider a ‘home’ for 4 years of my life… our “rockbound highland home” or the SHIT (Southern Hudson Institute of Technology, which we would tell people instead of saying West Point).  Just those few minutes descending upon New York City brought all this wonderful stuff back—it’s great to reflect sometimes on where we’ve been, and how far we’ve come.  This was one of those times 😉
  • Landing in Vermont: I was a little worried about finding the bus to take me to the school, but I found a big group of people heading the same way on the same bus.  I met a project partner I’ve worked with for two years face-to-face, and several other grad students, which was fun.  We piled into the “Alpine Bus”… which had no AC.  Not to worry, they had all windows open, so my hair was blown everywhere, but soon I smelled something—not sweaty grad students tho!—this wonderful scent of fresh air and flowers.  It was glorious.  Then came the smell of skunk!  Go figure 😛
  • My cell coverage here is spotty, which has been sort of a blessing in disguise.  Normally I’m glued to the darn thing, checking work emails, facebook, bank info, texting… it’s been nice to have a break from technology for a few days.  Which leads me right into…
  • I’ve had plenty of “me” time to relax and just BE without thinking of responsibilities and deadlines.  This has been very nice.  Last night I took a short walk after dinner, and the air was cool and crisp.  For a moment I felt like I was in Germany or Switzerland again, because of the green hills and lovely fresh air.  (Then “the hills are aliiiiiive, with the sound of muuuuusic” got stuck in my head!)  And that’s where the title comes in—this adventure I’m on is not a burden, but rather a breath of fresh air.  A break from the every day (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the way life is now… but a little change can do you good too!)  It was one of those moments where I was content, my mind not racing with 100 things to do, but I could just be thankful for where I was and how much I’ve been blessed.
  • This morning was the “Dog River Run,” a tradition for new freshmen at Norwich.  We got in formation and ran to the field by the river, did some quick exercises, and jumped right in.  And by jumped I mean walked in 12” deep water… until the end, when it got deep and we went under a log.  Yes, completely drenched in 50* water… for fun.  Reminded me of an exercise I did in Norway back in the day (May ’06).  Even good memories come from frigid water—I love that my experiences are so varied and unique; it helps put everything into perspective.  If I find any pics of this later on, I will post them, but for now, here are my pictures of the last few days.  Enjoy, and please for your own benefit, find some fresh air to breath today, or some way for you to disconnect and unwind.  It’s truly worth it for your well-being.
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3 Responses to Breath of Fresh Air

  1. nursebecca says:

    I love that last picture that you took of yourself! You look sooo pretty!!!!

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