Graduation | Class of ’12

A week ago yesterday I graduated with my MBA.  Ahhhh it feels good to finally be able to say it.  I guess I’m a sucker for delayed gratification: 47 months at West Point, half a dozen half marathons (most with training), now training for a full, the 2 years that went into the Master’s degree… it’s all worth it cuz it feels SO good in the end.  My friend JP and I were running last year and talking about struggling.  I don’t remember exactly what I said, but something to the effect of “without struggling, you won’t appreciate things as much.”  Along the same lines as one of my favorite quotes: The sweet isn’t as sweet without the sour.  And with that, I had a very sweet culmination of two years of working hard (and then 7 more months of waiting!)  Here’s one of my fave pics from that day:

My boys mean everything to me 🙂 So glad we decided to fly them up!

Some highlights from the rest of the week:

* I saw a few friends from WP (AK & JV, this means you!) and met several more–I love these “it’s a small world” encounters!

* Stayed at a very cute hotel, the Capital Plaza, with delicious adjoining restaurant, J. Morgans.  We ended up eating there for dinner, breakfast, and lunch!

* A quick stop at Ben & Jerry’s on the way to Burlington airport.  Javi shared his Chunky Monkey with Gabe 🙂  So cute!


* As always, it was awesome seeing my mom & dad.  Dad and I even got up early on graduation day (and Gabe too, since he decided to have a 5:45 poop) and ran 2 miles around Montpelier.  Gabe even said “mi-ma” and “pa-pa” for his grandparents.  At one point, we were driving and we said “Beep beep” about a car, and Gabe said it right back and made us all laugh 🙂

* I was truly thankful that flying with Gabe wasn’t hard for Javi on the way up to VT, and wasn’t too bad on the way back, though he was tired since he didn’t get his nap.  The altitude didn’t seem to bug him one bit.  And when he finally fell asleep, it was so nice to be able to hold him–and since I’ve been back, he’s been very snuggly, wanting to hug and kiss me all the time ❤  So sweet!

* And lastly… it was amazing coming home.  I was only gone about 6 days, but the house had that “new house” feel, where I could smell what it really smells like, and see it all with fresh eyes again.  A fresh perspective and a break from work were truly appreciated, but I am so happy and thankful to be home.  Until next time!

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