Parents of the Year

The award goes to my parents–hands down. They drove all the way here (a 10-hour drive for those going the speed limit and in need of frequent stops!) and watched Gabe for a week. That Gabe didn’t tire them is testament to the kind of parenting skills we are talking about. For all the help with Gabriel, I am truly grateful. The housework, cooking, cleaning, groceries, etc… that was a big, fat bonus! So thank you Mom & Dad, for being so selfless, amazing, fun, and the best role models a daughter (or grandson) could ask for.  We love you!!

Here are a few of my faves from the visit:

Gabe calls them “Me-ma” and “Papa” and he did a lot of jibber-jabbering while they were here 🙂  We think his last 4 molars are coming in, and he understands more and more every day.  He even said “Sorry” to Grandma after picking Mom’s flowers–too cute!  Gabe was Grandpa’s best friend during the trip… unfortunately Grandma couldn’t pick G-man up because of her recent back surgery, so this didn’t help her cause.  But Gabriel seemed very happy the whole week (not many tantrums at all!), and even cried Saturday morning when he woke up and they were gone.  I am so happy it all went smoothly, and thankful my parents could have so much 1-on-1 time with their only grandchild.

And it’s late…Have a wonderful week!

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