Hot & Cold | 18 months old

This post is gonna be (mostly) about G-man, since it’s been a few weeks. I’ve been suuuuper busy, employing many of my tricks for time-saving (and keeping one’s sanity) while trying to cram in family, work, eating, working out, cleaning house and all the other lovely things we do in life.

While it’s been insanely HOT out–like 90’s for the past 2 months it seems–this is about Gabe’s temperament.  I feel like we are at the “Terrible Twos” 6 months early, since yes, my big boy hit another milestone recently, 18 months.  (The day before that, he went pee in the potty! We are on a roll… but no time for potty training yet so I just sit him on there when I know he’s gotta go, like after his bath). Anyways, I’m going to try to explain the little guy’s mood swings.

Upon waking up, he’s usually happy.  Likes to throw all the blankets & animals out of the crib.  Diaper and dressing, not happy at all.  Breakfast is hit or miss, he’ll be good one moment, whining/crying/screaming the next.  Is it 2nd year molars??  Not feeling good–darn you stomach virus from daycare!  Just frustrated because he can’t communicate what he wants?  All/None of the above?!  No idea, but it does wear on my patience just a tad (and by tad I mean to the point of screaming).  And I hate losing my patience with Gabe and Javi.  It’s just tough when Gabe’s always getting into everything (kitchen and bathroom cabinets are his fave!) and now he’s so tall he can reach the edge of the counters. He has little grabby fingers and will reach for whatever’s there.  We have to be super careful now, especially in the kitchen.

Despite all the annoying tantrums, there is still a glorious silver lining to the terrible twos cloud.  Gabe loves to giggle, so if I can time it right–when he’s hot and not cold, lol–he will let me tickle him and lets out the most wonderful giggles.  He has been letting me watch TV a little more too, so we’ll watch, then tickle, play up and down (on and off the couch) and he thinks it’s HILARIOUS to stand up and have me tell him “Sit your butt down!”  So we had fun watching the (recorded) Tour de France tonight and playing on the couch.  Another lovely new thing: repeating words.  Lots and lots of words.  On tonight’s bike ride, he said Hello to our neighbor, and said Bye-Bye to everyone we saw.  He also says bye to everything–the car, the room, the toys, the computer, all of it.  Annoying, yet endearing.  He even went down good (normally favoring his daddy at night) and barely cried.  Success.  We read Goodnight Moon for the first time in a long time–I usually recited the words in the dark, but tonight I thought he might enjoy looking at the book.  And he did 🙂

My lesson for the week, from a friend’s blog: Love your family and friends, (and strangers!) even when it’s hard. 

Here’s a few from lately.  Have a wonderful week!

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