August: Weddings, Work/outs, and Water

Holy crap, it’s August already?!?!  I haven’t met my “one blog a week” goal in a few weeks, but here’s a quick update–and I’ll even organize into a few random thoughts:

1. Summer is definitely wedding time!  I had the honor of taking pictures for my friends 2 weeks ago, and their wedding was super cute/fun/enjoyable!  It was a small backyard affair, similar to the one we are going to this weekend for my brother (only I’m not sure his will be classified as “small”–we shall see).  It’s always fun for me to see people’s unique styles shine through at events like wedding.  For more pics (yes, shameless advertising on my part, but more because it was BEAUTIFUL) click here.

2.  Most days seem like all work and very little play.  I’ve been trying to find ways to mix it up and insert some excitement into this routine: wake up early (or earlier if running, 3x/week), get ready, get Gabe ready, drive to daycare, work, workout, more work, drive to daycare, drive home.  The few evening hours are spent cleaning up the days dishes/clothes/mess, only to go to bed and start over again.  I’m not meaning to complain but yeah–this 3.5 day weekend coming up for the wedding is much needed.  Too bad we’ll spend nearly 1/3 of it on the road… 🙂

3.  Speaking of being busy, stress reared its ugly head again.  I’ve been feeling pretty good, actually I’d say pretty great, but feeling faint at work still persists.  I finally saw the Dr. again and he could only point to stress.  His only advice (besides letting me know medication is an option–to which I said NO) was to nix caffeine.  So good-bye morning coffee, I sure will miss you!  I need to get some decaf, because that part of the morning is something I look forward to.  But we’ll see if giving up my coffee helps the faint-feeling go away.  I thought all my working out would get the stress out, but apparently not?

4.  The tribute to water in the title of this blog is to remind me to keep drinking–a very active lifestyle needs plenty of H2O and good nutrition.  I’ve been working on it (even drinking my Shakeology most days of the week) but there’s always room for more fruits & veggies, and less sugar and processed foods (hello, Reese’s pie in the freezer, I hear you but I’m ignoring you!)  I had 2 great workouts this weekend: yesterday’s was a route recon for the Ramblin’ Rose Tri coming up in 2 weeks.  Kim & I did 8 miles on the bike and 2 running, just like the race will be.  Today I did the 7-mile Salem Lake trail that I have come to love and even look forward to.  Another great thing about water?  Whenever I go swimming, it seems like all the excess water weight comes out, so it’s great for feeling bloated or just wanting to get that little bit of puffiness out.  I love swimming now, it’s so refreshing and I feel so healthy afterwards… I just return to work looking like a semi-drowned rat 😉

5.  Gabe continues to grow and learn more each day.  He helps with the trash and putting away toys, and can even climb into his high chair on his own.  He repeats (or tries his best) nearly everything that Javi and I say to him, which is great.  The book of the week is “Go Dog, Go!” to which he’ll say “Ga ga gooo!”  (LOUDLY!)  G-man loves “Showeee” (shower) time if one of us lets him in with us.  Here’s a snapshot of our weekend:

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