Mr. Chatterbox

Quick weekend update… since it’s past 9 (bedtime for ‘old ladies’ like me) 🙂

Saw several college friends this weekend, which was Awesome!  We caught up, we laughed, we talked for hours, we ate & drank… can’t get much better than a girls’ day out, complete with dessert and shopping.  But the laughter with old friends… that is my favorite part 🙂 SO thankful we were all able to meet up!

As for Gabriel… he is talking up a storm!  I have been meaning to make a list, so here goes:

Momma and Daddy and bye-bye were the first words, and he’s had months of practice at those.  The new words (and some he’s been saying for weeks) include: shower, towel, paper, potty, poo-poo, pee-pee (lol of course!), bath, trash, ouchie, necklace, moose, leopard (“boppard”), diaper (“boppy”), blanket (“bop-key”), cat (“cat-cat”), mouse, Grandma (“Mee-ma”), Grandpa (“Papa”), cup, book, sit, kiss, night-night, hello, apple, cheese, meow…. that’s all I can think of now.  But the boy is repeating everything, which is both cute and scary.  When you know everything you say and/or do could be repeated, you have to watch out 😉  We had fun today playing outside with “cat-cats” and trying out Gabe’s new hat from RB!  Thanks so much for thinking of us!  Hope you have a wonderful week!

PS. When Gabe is a bad boy (throwing a tantrum, hitting/pinching on purpose) we’ve been putting him in time out in the corner.  Highly effective!

PPS.  Ran my highest mileage since Iraq this week, 28 miles!  Ten weeks til the marathon!!!

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