Labor Day weekend | Books, Toys, & Outdoors

There’s one more day to Labor day weekend (thank God!) but since it’s raining, and I’m skipping the second half of my long run (*guilt*… but lightning trumps guilt), I have time to blog.  And have plenty of colorful, fun memories from yesterday and today to share.

Yesterday was the usual Saturday morning for us: go to the Y in the morning (yoga for me, gym for Javi, childwatch for G-man).  Yoga was slow, which almost irritated me, then I thought Geez V, you could slow down once in awhile.  And I did slow down… very refreshing after the usual daily “go V go”.  And though I told Javi the yoga was easy, today I am sore!  But it was a lovely lazy Saturday nonetheless.  I took a nap, I caught up on Runner’s World, I read with Gabe–the boy loves books, but doesn’t want to stop for a moment to hear me read the words, he just loves turning pages!  Hop on Pop + Peekaboo, I love you + The Very Hungry Caterpillar = One very well read little boy 😉

In the afternoon, we went shopping around town at various consignment stores.  We found Gabe a very cute rocking chair, which he adores, for $8, and a homemade “tool box” for $5.  Pics to come of those.  I tried to find a slide or some type of outdoor activity for Gabe, but wound up purchasing an awesome painting for over our bed, for just $30.  I love finding bargains, but more than that, I love spending relaxing time with the fam.

Today, Javi and Gabe accompanied me on the first part of my long run.  The plan was 15 miles total (*gulp*–I had a dream I couldn’t do it… how’s that for confidence?)  Considering I had only attempted 15 once, and I had my dad running with me that day, I was nervous I would be able to finish it.  My plan today was for the boys to do the first 8 with me, then run 7 home.  They did the 8 with me, and I didn’t have any stomach or fatigue issues, but it was getting hot.  Gabe whined until I shared some Gatorade with him, then he happily played with that until he fell asleep 1/2 mile from the end.  I decided not to run home because of the heat (already 80* at 9:30) and because I felt like I needed to use the restroom.  I went home, and as I suspected, did not head back out again.  I just knew the remaining 7 miles would be in the heat, and I’d be miserable.  I left it for tonight, and of course it rains, thunders, and lightnings.  C’est la vie… now I have to wake up early and get ‘er done tomorrow!  2 months til the marathon, gotta keep my eyes on the goal!

J & I had a “movie afternoon” while Gabe napped, watching Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (good mystery, disturbing scenes) and the latter half of Forest Gump (love that movie!)  Lastly, we planted the new mums we got this morning, mulched, and planted 2 maple trees I grew from seedlings.  Javi takes such pride in the yard, and I just love having things actually grow and thrive and look beautiful 🙂  To top off a great day, I sang “Old McDonald” to Gabe, and instead of “e-i-e-i-oh”, he sings “e-i-e-bah-BOH!”  What a cutie.  His vocabulary grows every day and it’s truly amazing to witness.  That makes all the cleaning up messes and picking up toys and chasing and disciplining worth it.  At least I say that now, while he’s sleeping, ha!

Here’s some snippets of the weekend thus far.  Hope yours is a blast!

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