Fun: Let’s have some

I’ve covered a variety of random topics, and gone on and on about sleep, my baby, running, eating, etc.  So tonight I just want to talk about Fun.  Not the band (although the lyrics are pretty great: “Toniiiiiiight, we are young / so let’s set this world on fire / we can burn brighter / than the suuuuuuun”) Yeah I like that one.  And the “carry me home” part reminds me of the long, lonely flights that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel back from… far-away places, like Norway, Korea, and Iraq.  But this blog is inspired by the other Fun. song “Some Nights” where they ask a very thought-provoking question: What do I stand for?

I used to think driving to work was not so fun.  But now that that’s one of the only times of day where I’m alone, and can have peace & quiet, and just think.  A few weeks ago I heard “Some Nights” while driving and asked myself the above question.  I hope that I stand for love, honesty, happiness, (intelligence & humor would be nice too but I’ll keep it simple and realistic 😉 ) and yes, FUN.  But I can be very self-critical, and take myself and work way too seriously.  My pledge this week is to find some fun new ways to infuse more fun into my life.  I mean really, don’t we all just to some degree, day in and day out?  That’s why I added play to my header above!  I want to be a kid again sometimes, have a child’s view of the world again, and just be creative and enjoy myself!

So it’s late, and I’m tired… thinking What is my idea of fun? Hurry up and write it down so you can go to bed! I’m gonna call it a night with this short list of fun stuff from today:

* tickling Gabriel–he was especially playful tonight–such a great time when he’s in a good mood 🙂  And what a pleasant surprise after a weekend of fever/drooling/grumpies–plus he moved up to the “Two’s” Room at daycare… getting so big, so fast.  (Words of the week: knee, hot sauce, milky)

* editing photos… yes, I find this fun.  I love seeing how my images turn out, and thinking of how I will absolutely treasure these photos for the rest of my life.  I also love the interaction of colors and photos in collages.

* joking around with co-workers… this needs to happen more often, cuz it sure brought a reprieve to an otherwise dull-yet-busy day

* jamming to my not-so-new-but-still-favorite song of the month

I think that’s it!  Check out my “vintage shoot” with Gabe yesterday (only vintage because he wore overalls that we got last November and my some miracle they still kinda fit)  Have a wonderful week and please share your FUN ideas!

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