Call Me “Crash”

I hate to butcher a nice song, but here is my take on Carly Rae Jepson’s written from the point of view of the man who I’m holding a temporary grudge against for messing up my weekend:  “It’s hard to ride right / past you baby / so I’ll clip your tire / and crash you lady!”  (Am I the only one who can’t get that $%^&*! song out of my head?!)

Yesterday I rode the Tour to Tanglewood (Ride for MS) with the bike group from work, the Spare Tires.  Not two miles into it, some guy clipped my tire as he was trying to squeeze between me and another person, and we crashed.  Hard.  I remember yelling “$h!t” and then hyperventilating for a few minutes as I tried to process the pain.  Thankfully, I’m ok–just lots of bruising on my left side, some road rash, and what feels like whiplash in my neck.  Though I’m still hurting a whole lot, I’m SO so grateful that I didn’t seriously injure myself.  The other guy?  I think he severely injured his back, and his elbows were both gushing too.  I hope he’s ok.  I was super pissed at him at first, but now I just have to move on and try to be more careful next time (i.e. stay away from everyone!)

So the bike wreck wrecked my weekend a tad.  Instead of biking 50 miles, I did the shortest ride, 18 miles, and that was still a stretch.  I was scared to get hurt again, considering this is my 2nd spill in a month!  And my hip and elbow were throbbing most of the way.  But my two awesome teammates got me thru, thanks Speedbump and Stitch!  And they gave me the name Crash 🙂  LOL!  At least there’s some humor to a not-so-fun time.

I was so sore (and tired, and cranky) that I went to bed at 7:30 last night, and slept almost 12 hours.  Wowza… that doesn’t happen every day.  Instead of running Salem Lake, I savored my morning coffee with Reese’s Pieces waffles, in solitary silence, and it was Lovely–although I truly did miss my run at Salem Lake.  Gabe had a pretty good day too, just a few TTT’s (terrible two tantrums).  We took a long walk with him pushing his lawnmower, and he refused to come home, so I had to carry him a ways.  Not cool for this hurting momma.  On the brighter side though:

* the bike shop didn’t charge me for tearing up their new 2013 Trek Damone demo bike

* I found 4 shirts/shorts at Target for Gabe for less than $10

*Gabe copied me when I called him a “Silly Wabbit” this morning 😉

* I cleaned out my closet.  The ENTIRE thing! (and found all sorts of stuff I forgot I had–and purged a whole bunch I don’t need–thanks for the motivation Kelle!)

* did a relaxing mini-spa night for myself complete with facial, nail polish, and new face lotion samples from yesterday!  I guess football season is good for a few reasons 😉  Me time being the main one!  He’s probably saying the same thing though…

Pictures from yesterday and today:

And by the way… my little guy is 20 months today.  Creeping Racing towards that next big birthday–I will soon have a 2-year-old–scary/crazy/wonderful thought. Have a fabulous week!  I’ll be back tomorrow with some more new pics of my flowers and my boy!

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