It’s time to begin

The title is from my new favorite song — saw it on Glee the other night (yes I’m a Gleek and not ashamed to admit it) and I’m hooked now.  Can’t get it outta my head!  It’s almost as if the writers of Glee know what songs I like, and purposely put them on the show, just for me 😉

Today I told my crash story many times.  And I started to have doubts.  I hate when the doubts creep in, but they did today.  How I can run 26.2 miles?  You can’t even stay on your bike!  You have a hard time running 26 miles in a week, let alone in ONE run!!  I have to push the doubts out, because I’m doing this.  I’m running this race for my grandma, and that’s that.  I have T minus 7 weeks left to prepare.  I have to do this.  Quitting is not an option… but today, it was sure looking like a nice, viable, lovely option.  I’m going to need all the motivation I can get on November 4th… so I’ll be compiling 5 hours of motivational music.  Going to need your help with that too.


As my new favorite song says, “The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell, right to the top, don’t look back.”  Do have have a big challenge to overcome?  Let’s do it.  Feel free to share it with me in a comment below.  We’ll tackle it together.  Then we can be on top of the world.  (I think I have a new fave band!)

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