Language Explosion

Lately G-man has become quite the talker.  It’s amazing to me to hear him say new words on a daily basis, AND use them in context, AND on top of that, string them together!  Just a short year ago we were here: “He says mama, dada, and some other sounds that almost resemble words” and just a month ago we were at the new random wordsknee, hot sauce, milky–phase.  Today he correctly identified and said “Camera” as we were walking past it (Lord knows his momma has it in his face so much, he should know the word by now! lol)  In the last two weeks, seemingly out of the blue, he spoke these phrases:

* watch the TV (he says TD)

* I kick the ball

* I broke it (referring to a toy, but he does seem to break a lot of things)

* I read the book

* I did it (sounding more like I dude it)

* I want it

* Call Me-mah (Grandma)

* And plenty of “NO” and uh-uh

Javi is teaching Gabe to speak Spanish as well, so he knows quite a few Spanish words, such as agua, vamos, basura (trash–maybe b/c we generate so much of it!), nariz, arroz, and of course te quiero, although Gabe has yet to say that one.  We’re still working on “I love you” in English.  Right now it sounds like “I luh doo” and it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Though I’m certain every mom says that 😉

It’s facinating and exciting and fun to hear all the chatter that comes from G-man’s mouth.  Oh, one final tidbit–eh, make that two–Gabe broke out into “song” the other day, carrying the tune of Twinkle Twinkle little star enough that I could tell what he was singing.  He says Crinkle instead of Twinkle… adorable.  Lastly, he said A-B-C-D tonight when I read the alphabet book to him, and he will occasionally chime in with X and Y too.  And he knows, without any doubt in his mind, that C is for Cookie.  Go ahead and click the link, it’s short and it’ll make you laugh.  I have to get a video of him tomorrow, it’s hilarious how excited he gets about the C.

Here’s Gabe & other randoms from the weekend–the boy loves waffles and noodles and other (mostly unhealthy) treats.  Too bad he’s gotten to be so picky… more on the Picky Project at a later date–when I figure out what to do about it!  Any suggestions for curing pickiness?

Have a wonderful week!!

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