The Halloween Special: Taper, Tantrums, and Trick or Treat

So it’s been another minute… and by that I mean more than a week.  It’s November now! *whoa*  Which means my race is in… oh about 1.5 days.  *gulp*  So I’m in the final week of my 18-week, highly-modified Hanson-Brooks training plan.  While it’s been great to get really fit, gain endurance, and basically eat whatever I want, it’s also been really tiring to do so much running (avg: 21 miles/week), constantly have to eat, and try to juggle family, work, running, and more.  But I’d say it’s been worth it.  We’ll find out for sure on Sunday morning.  The taper has been fantastic though!  I feel ready, though not 100% confident I can run the whole way, I sure am gonna try.  And if you want to join in my cause, I am raising money (and running this race for) my grandmother, who passed away almost 2 years ago and had Alzheimer’s.  You can find out more here.

As far as tantrums go… Gabriel’s have subsided dramatically.  Which. Is. Downright. Awesome.  I am still getting a feel for his triggers, but it usually involves a change (like leaving daycare, or having to go upstairs for bathtime, or wanting a cookie and not getting it).  Gabe is a hard-headed little bugger too, just like his mom and dad 😉  Fortunately, he speaks more and more each day, making it easier and easier to decode what he really wants.  Although you do have to be relatively fluent in “Two-ese.”  Now G-man says things like “I hold the keys” or “I hold the catty (aka coffee)” and he will hold/carry these things for me.  Very helpful!  And today he did the sweetest thing.  As I was picking him up at daycare, a little girl Maggie was crying for her mom.  Gabe walked over to her and gave her a hug, out of the blue!  So cute 🙂  Hopefully I’m raising a gentleman.  {He then proceeded to give all the girls hugs, LOL}

For Halloween, we went to get our pumpkins last weekend at the “punkin patch.”  

Afterwards, Gabe would say “punkin patch” anytime he saw a pumpkin.  I also found a punkin outfit for him at the consignment store for less than $10, making it 2 years in a row I didn’t have to spend too much on a cute outfit for Halloween 🙂  Momma loves a bargain!  We carved pumpkins the other night as a family–isn’t our punkin family cute?!

Sadly, Javi had class, so Gabe and I went trick or treating solo… and after going to 3 of the 5 houses in the neighborhood, we were done!  He didn’t seem to mind going home, and I was just cold and ready to flop on the couch.  Gabe sorted thru his candy–meaning he dumped it on the floor and put some peppermint patties in his mouth with the wrapper still on.  I shared a KitKat and some peanut M&Ms with him and that was that.  Bye-bye, Halloween.  Momma’s not in a very festive mood–possibly a side effect of work + marathon training + everything-else-that’s-going-on.  But it’s OK.  Gabe seemed happy as a clam to just have a few bites of candy and his Momma’s attention.

So now that my internet is finally working, it’s 2 days out from the marathon… I’m getting nervous and excited!  The months and months of training are going to pay off–at least I’m hoping!  Gotta go update my playlist.  Feel free to share any song that pumps you up!  Here’s the rest of the last 2 weeks–Hope your Halloween was tons of Fun!

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